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How To Buy Plus Size Business Clothes on a Budget

Updated on January 8, 2017

Shopping for appropriate clothing to wear to the office or in the boardroom can be a chore in itself. If you are a plus size, you have the challenge of finding not only the appropriate wear but finding a good variety of options to choose your business wear from.  The Plus sized woman can be confronted with paying higher prices for plus sizes than the so called regular sized woman.  

This guide is designed to help plus size women shop for business clothes on a budget. The plus sized woman should know that she doesn’t have to settle for ugly, ill fitting clothing and that she can wear the same current business fashion worn by any other woman. Care needs to be taken to ensure that her choice of business clothes compliments her assets.

  1.  Be informed about the current fashion trends so that you can make educated and relevant choices when shopping for business clothing. You don’t have to buy just anything that fits. If shorter jackets are in style, you would not want to continue wearing longer ones.
  2. Shop at stores that are dedicated to serving the plus size customer. Unlike popular opinion, shopping at speciality stores and no harder on your budget than shopping at the regular department stores. They have the same deals and sales like any other store. You can also get to know plus size friendly department stores. These are stores that may have a wide selection of plus size fashions or dedicated floors to plus sizes.


  1. Look for basic colors to form the foundation of your wardrobe. Blacks, Greys, Browns reds and earth tones are timeless and you can shop for these at the end of season for the next year.

    Select classic styles that will endure through time. Classic pants, jackets, blouses are enduring and you are easily ably to mix and match with the current trends in sweaters, blouses, shirts and accessories. You can also purchase classic styles out of season for added savings.


Useful Tips

  1. Ensure you select business clothing that fit your body type by trying on different pieces and combinations until you are satisfied. When purchasing plus size business clothing online, ensure that you get specific measurements of the item and that you have your specific body measurements to ensure you get the right fit. Don’t rely on size numbers as these can vary drastically from designer to designer
  2. Shopping for business clothes on a budget means that you are looking for good value for the money you spend.. You don’t need to spend big money for good business clothes but at the same time, you should be looking for quality and style even if it means spending a few dollars more.
  3. Shop around for your business clothes. Decide first how much you can spend on a business outfit and keep that limit in mind when you go shopping. If you have to pay a few dollars less or more for something you really like then you are doing great. Price comparison is essential to getting the best deal and value for your money so take the time to shop around and compare prices and value before spending your money.


When shopping for business clothes on a budget, ensure that you first know what the dress code for your office is, whether is business casual or for formal attire is required. The right fit means that the style you choose compliments your body type and is neither too tight or too loose. Structured jackets are an asset to the plus size figure as are clothing made from stretch fabrics. Once you have selected your business attire, wearing it with confidence, is essential to looking good and feeling great.


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