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How To Buy Vintage Clothing

Updated on March 31, 2014

Vintage clothing has made a remarkable impact on the culture of fashion in recent years, with highly sought after items fetching top dollar from eager consumers of wardrobe additions from a bygone era. Much like any other area of collectibles there were bound to be scams to emerge aimed at taking advantage of shoppers making uninformed and impulse driven purchases. Knowing how to buy vintage clothing successfully requires an enlightened consumer to become self-educated on a number of aspects long before heading out to locate new acquisitions.

The first step to buy vintage clothing is to become familiar with the styles, fabrics and designs of a specific era of fashion. For instance, a vendor may be presenting a given garment as one original to the 1930's that contains a small amount of polyester - a fabric that was not commonly used until the early 1950's. Other aspects of buying vintage clothing includes becoming familiar with original brand name garment tags, and learning to distinguish the quality workmanship of the past from the mass production techniques of the present.These are pretty simple processes and do not take long to master, especially with the many resources available on the internet. Concentrate on one particular decade at a time, learning as much as is possible and then put your new found knowledge into action on your next shopping excursion.

Good places to buy vintage clothing include anywhere where bargains of all types are to be found - thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, garage sales and estate sales all serve as valid sources. Remember to haggle over prices when you can, and if you can't learn how to quickly as it will result in big savings in the future. If a desired vintage clothing item looks freshly laundered and is not stained or musty try it on if possible - the sizes stated on vintage clothing tags tend to run a bit smaller than the sizes that are currently in use.

Every single time that you buy vintage clothing shake it out thoroughly before placing it into your car and launder it either at home yourself or at a professional dry cleaner as soon as is practical. Mold, dust, bacteria and creepy little critters have been known to congregate in clothing that has not been worn in years, so don't allow them to make your house their new home. Lastly, if you discover a "must have" vintage clothing item that is exceptionally costly consider locating a clothing pattern that is similar and either make it yourself or have a talented friend take on a new project.


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