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How To Buy Women's Vintage Clothing Styles

Updated on September 17, 2009

The great thing about wearing women's vintage clothing is that you can immediately appear to have a sense of style and grace difficult to find in modern times. Wearing vintage clothing allows you to take advantage of the rose colored glasses which we all put on when reminiscing about the times in the world's history when we were not yet born.

Humans have a great fondness for things they think they remember but actually have only seen portrayed in the popular media, and described in books they have read. How elegant the the 1920's world of the Great Gatsby seemed, until one realizes that people were getting whacked over alcohol by gangs no more picturesque than those frequenting the streets and alleys of the modern world.

What is considered vintage? Well, anything from the 1960's and earlier can probably make the cut as vintage in casual circles. The term 'vintage' itself means nothing more than something which was produced at a certain time. The jeans you bought yesterday are technically vintage 2009 jeans.

If you want to make your vintage styles look their best, try not to mix too many vintages. A bohemian 60's dress will not look great with a 1920's flapper jacket. Instead of looking chic and sophisticated, you'll look like a small child who has raided the costume cupboard.

A little research will go a long way when it comes to putting together vintage outfits, or if you can't be bothered with all that sort of thing, wear just one piece of vintage clothing when you put together an outfit. You can accent it with all sorts of decadent modern clothing and thereby make it a feature piece of your outfit. People will then comment upon the item you've chosen, compliment your good taste and mentally file you away as an invitee to their next charming soiree. Your plan will have worked perfectly.

Keep in mind, vintage clothing doesn't have to be expensive, or flashy, even though much of it is. Vintage coats, for instance, can be found in many charity stores, consigned there by well meaning elderly people who no longer appreciate the value of their worldly goods. Depending on the area you live in, you may be able to get an excellent deal at these stores. Alternatively, you could be fighting off hordes of other hipsters with much the same idea as you. If you want to get the bargains, you have to be up early in the morning. Doing so will allow you a little time to look over things before anyone else gets there and may even give you the drop on little old ladies coming in with new supplies.

If the idea of real world shopping seems tacky to you, you can always go on Ebay and browse the selections there. Keen shoppers who enjoy the in store chase often pick out prize specimens and present them cleanly for your buying pleasure, allowing you to obtain vintage style in a completely modern way.


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    • ladyeagle_cdc profile image


      9 years ago from San Juan City, Philippines

      i enjoy dressing up especially vintage short dresses, i must agree with what you mentioned that it doesnt have to be expensive. Thank you for the tips you gave. Blessings!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I have purchased several vintage dresses on eBay and I have a word about vintage sizing - the older it gets the smaller it is. Through the years manufactures have slowly increased the measurements for women's sizes (except bra cup sizes, they are smaller). A size 10 from the 60's or early 70's will fit like a size 6 or 8 in today's sizing. Here is the logic behind the change. I woman who wore a size 10 twenty-five years ago and through the years gained 20-25 pounds still wears a size 10. She says, " I wear the same size dress I wore when I graduated from school" (LOL)

      So, if you buy vintage on line, check the measurements, don't go by the tagged size.




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