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How To Care For Your Skin After A Ceserean

Updated on May 16, 2014

Healing a Cesarean and Healing Yourself

Get some rest! Yeah, you heard me right: get as much sleep and rest as you can! Your body has been through hell and back, sweetheart, so take good care of it! Of course you're only concern right now is to care for your baby and that is as it should be, but I beg you to know your limits. It will not help your baby any if you are limping and unable to bend and weeping from the pain as your body heals from the ordeal it has gone through with your cesarean and if you tried to push as well. Ask your mom or another trusted family member or friend if they can come over to help out at the very least with changing your baby occasionally, cooking some meals for you, help you clean, or help you get in and out of the shower if you have to step over the edge of a rather tall bathtub. Snuggle and feed your baby in bed or on the couch so you're body is relaxing plenty. Be sure to set your baby in their crib whenever they need naps and nap while they do. If your baby needs to be held for them to sleep, exchange holding duties with your partner or your mom so you can have time to sleep and rejuvenate.

Things to Avoid At First After A Cesarean:

  • Lifting anything over twenty pounds
  • Physical activity
  • Walking too many stairs
  • Baths (You'll be able soak in the tub after a couple weeks of healing)
  • Tampons
  • Sexual activity
  • Pools

How to Initially Treat Your Skin After A Cesarean:

  • Shower to keep scar area clean. Use comfortable water temperature and fragrance free soap. Baby wash is excellent for this
  • Wear pants and clothes of soft loose fabric
  • Keep an eye on the scar for any sign of infection or if you have a fever. Contact doctor immediately if you suspect infection
  • Stay very hydrated!!!
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits
  • Take your prenatal vitamin
  • Take any medications your doctor recommends or prescribes for pain

It may seem to begin with that you will never heal, but know that it will take time and effort on your part to get your body repaired. If you feel sad or anxious do not be afraid to talk to someone close to you or to your doctor about it. It's perfectly normal to feel upset after giving birth about one thing or another. Perhaps you are stressed, or afraid of being a new parent, or nervous about being in a weakened state after giving birth with having a c-section, or are worried about your baby and their health. You may even be feeling all of these emotions at once. It's completely normal, darling! And anyone that says differently is not a good person to discuss it with, so find someone else to. I wish I could give you a hug for getting through a c-section, but I can't since I'm only writing this article you're reading and not in your presence, so please find someone close to you to give you plenty of hugs! Know that you're an amazing, strong, beautiful person for making it through your child's birth! Your baby loves you so much for what you have gone through just to give them the ability to live a wonderful life filled with a myriad of adventures with you! Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy!


Great Products To Use On Your Cesarean Scar!

-Aveeno Skin Relief Healing Ointment

This is mainly for dry skin, but it should help keep your skin healthy. It won't change the appearance of your scar. Aveeno also has many other helpful skin care and body wash you should look into.

-Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

Only begin using this after around six weeks have gone by. Do not apply if your scar is still irritated.This product should aid in reducing the dark color of your scar and should help reduce the raised texture of the skin where your scar is. It isn't 100% effective, but it does help! I have used this and it's the best for scar care.

-Mommy Tillia Body Lotion

You may have a hard time finding this product, but if you know an Avon Rep or look it up on ebay you may find it. It's dermatologist tested and will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. This won't reduce your scar discoloration. Any of the Mommy Tillia products are great to care for your skin post labor.

-Earth Mama Healing Salve

This will help your skin repair and is reinforced with vitamin c! Earth Mama has some great variety of products available.

-Bio Oil

I've heard both negative and positive testimonials on this product. It is clinically proven to reduce scar appearance though if that is helpful and is something I read about in American Baby magazine.

-Avon Skin So Soft Perfecting Oil

I have used this product and absolutely love it. It definitely made my scar lighten and kept the skin healthy around it. All around this is a great product to treat your skin even if you haven't had a baby. All of the Skin So Soft products will help out your skin! The body scrub and lotions are miracle workers.


Cesarean Tattoo Coverup

Some women opt to get a tattoo over their cesarean. It's a creative idea, yet wait until you have completely healed and inform the tattoo artist of how recent your pregnancy was and if you had any blood transfusions during the birth and see what they recommend. Waiting a year is ideal.

New Cesarean Scar with Hematoma


Healed Cesarean Scar


Did you have a cesarean or natural birth?

Did you have a cesarean or did you push?

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Estimated Length of Time to Recover Physically

Type of Birth
Amount of Time to Recovery
6 weeks or longer depending
Around 4 weeks depending


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