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How To Choose A Bright Hair Colour That Suits You

Updated on May 4, 2012

When it comes to bright hair many people like to change their look every now and again with temporary colours. Semi- or demi-permanent dyes are a fantastic option for those who don't want to commit to a specific shade for too long. However, even though your new look may not last long, you will want to ensure that it looks great whilst you have it! With such a wide variety of shades available, many people struggle with which one to pick, especially if they haven't seen a similar shade on somebody with the same skin tone or hair cut as them before. If you are unsure as to which colour, or shade of colour, to go for then there are a few things which you could try in order to find out what's right for you!


You Might Have To Bleach

If you are looking at shades that are paler than your natural hair colour, or the hair colour that you have right now, then you may find that you need to remove some of the colour before you can progress to adding a new one. This means that you will have to bleach your hair first of all - ensuring that your hair is of good enough quality to do so without harming it greatly. A gentler way to lighten your hair is to bleach bath it, alternatively. If you aren't sure whether the shade that you ultimately decide on will work over the hair colour that you currently have, you can strand test it (dye a small amount of hair in an un-noticeable place) in order to see what the results will be like.

Strand Testing

Strand testing, in itself, is a fantastic way to find out whether a shade is right for you, if you are intending to mix shades together. This means that you can find out whether the denominations of each dye that you have used is correct to achieve the colour that you were looking for. Strand testing is also a great way to see whether more than one colour look good alongside each other, although you will have to select where you put these relative to where you will ultimately want them to be.


Selecting Based On Skin Tone

If you are struggling to picture what a certain colour will look like next to your skin tone then you may want to do some tests to figure out whether it will suit you. An easy way to do this is to hold shades up next to your face & see how you feel about them. For this, you could either use a printer to print off blocks of colour (you could even enlarge & print off hair dye swatches for accuracy) or grab some free paint swatches from your local hardware store.

Another way to think about what colours or shades will compliment your skin tone is to look to your wardrobe - what colours are in there that you pull off well? Take note of the shades of your clothing, also - is it pastel tones that usually suit you, or is it the more vivid hues?

Seeing What The Results Might Look Like

If you want to be able to picture in your mind's eye what the shade that you have selected might look like on you then you could try online tools such as Colortry. The results from these sites may not be fully accurate, but may be able to help you get a feel for what you might look like once the colouring process is done. Alternatively, you could ask around people that you know to see whether any of them have Photoshop and the relevant skills to be able to transform your hair colour before your eyes. These methods are also fantastic if you're unsure about colour/cut combinations - for example, if you are worrying that a specific shade may suit you less since you cut or grew your hair.

If you're struggling to picture how colours may look on you, try asking close friends or family members for their opinion on whether it will suit, or what shades they think would look great on you - they will be able to tell you honestly and will have a better judgement than those on internet forums etc. that can only assess based on one, or a handful of, images.

If It All Goes Wrong

If you go ahead with dying your hair and find that you aren't happy with the colour that you selected then there are some colour removal products on the market that will help you. Alternatively, you could try home methods such as using Head & Shoulders shampoo, although the removal will be a slower process if you try this. If you are sceptical about the shade that you are looking at, ensure that it contains no bleach or silicone in it so that colour removal products will work. Remember, however, that if you bleach or use dyes containing bleach on your hair then it will remain a lighter shade underneath the colour that you have selected.

Don't Worry Too Much

A lot of what makes bright hair colours suit people is the fact that they have the ability to pull it off with confidence. It helps if you select a colour that goes nicely with your wardrobe, but I have seen a wide variety of people pull off each and every colour imaginable - it's all down to how you wear it. If you are very precious about your hair, however, and think that a wrong colouring job will bring you down then you may want to consider getting professional advice from your hairdresser, or waiting until you have decided that the colour that you have chosen is perfect and the time is just right to take that step!


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    • urmilashukla23 profile image

      Urmila 5 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA

      Great suggestion on how to choose a hair color. thanks for sharing it. Voted up!