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How To Choose A Female Wig For A Man

Updated on January 27, 2010

A few men have asked me questions about wig selection, so here is some advice for the chap going off to buy his first female wig. First of all, not all wigs are created equal. A high quality wig can set you back hundreds of dollars, but an equally serviceable cheap one, usually made from synthetic fibers, not human hair can be obtained rather cheaply.

If this is your first time at the wig rodeo, I see nothing wrong with getting yourself a cheaper wig. It's a good place to start experimenting without breaking the bank. Remember, wigs can be cut. If you have a hairdressing friend, or are willing to wear your wig to a hairdresser, it is entirely possible to have a wig styled to suit your face. Personally, I think this is probably the best option if you can swing it, but for obvious reasons, many men who are experimenting with women's wigs are not going to want to wear them out in public right away.

In terms of color, pick a color you like. I'd stay away from overly dark, overly light or overly metallic colors unless you are prepared for a dramatic look, in which case I would reverse my advice entirely. Very dark, very light and very bright hair makes a strong statement. If you want a wig to look natural, choose a more muted color, or one that matches your natural hair, or at least approximates it somewhat.

Length and style wise, once again, it is up to you, however longer wigs will elongate your face, which may make your features appear even more masculine (there's a reason why long hair looks hot on guys.) A shorter wig that bobs around the face will make your face seem a bit wider, softer and more feminine. A shorter wig than that will once again send you back into the harsher, perhaps more masculine looks. You'll perhaps have noticed that the women who best pull off short hair are women with strongly defined, usually elfin type faces. There's a reason for that. Short hair draws attention to the face, which is why men who are looking for a feminine look may want to steer away from the overly short styles.

Curls and waves soften features, so a wig with curls and waves may be a good choice. It is also likely to look far more real than a perfectly straight wig, as unless you are of Asian descent or a regular guest on a low rent reality tv show, hair is very rarely perfectly straight.

Don't be afraid to play and find what works for you. Order a few cheap wigs online, or go to a wig store and try some on. Have fun with your hair and you'll find yourself transformed before you know it!


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    • profile image

      lge 7 years ago

      Hi Hope

      Just catching up with your excellent blogs after being a longish holiday. I don't like wearing hats and for me, wigs feel just the same. What I do enjoy however is a nice shampoo and tight roller set in my own hair, which I manage to achieve fairly regularly from a friendly stylist who rather spoils me. I just like the feeling, I guess.

      Keep up the good work!

    • lainie_xo profile image

      lainie_xo 7 years ago

      Dear Hope,

      Excellent tips on wig selection. Unfortunately it tends to be a trial and error process before one gets it right. I have several cheap wigs from an Ebay source (which one cannot return) and at this point a full lace style would have been the best option. Buying at a local shop is a lot smarter. The wig in this photo is a lace front synthetic (Kanekalon) hair wig that is a very good value for the money. My other wigs are not lace front and the hair quality itself is not as good as this wig, I believe it tis because of the wig construction itself. I would only go for a lace front wig and may try to flog my cheaper ones on Ebay.

    • profile image

      Joanjo 7 years ago

      Brilliant stuff Hope, many thanks for the tips. I don't think I will venture into a hair salon with my old wig, they might think it hasn't been fed or watered! just how do you keep it in order when it has to be put away?

      I think I shall look on the net and update my appearance (mustn't frighten the natives). Again very many thanks.