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Getting the Most Out Of Your Hair Products - How To Use the Right Hair Care Products

Updated on February 25, 2015

Choosing The Best Hair Care Products

No matter what type of hair you have or style, you need to have a plan. The people with the best hairstyles already have a plan in place to keep their hair looking fabulous. First you will have to know what you want to achieve with your own great look. Next you will want to consult with a stylist or do research with websites such as YouTube to help you figure out what products work best.

Everyone with a head of hair should or needs some form of hair care products to improve their hairstyle and achieve a manageable head of hair. Without the right products our hair looks below average and can becomes unmanageable; whether it's curly, grey or balding, there is a hair product just right for you.

If you have ever complained about your hair or heard negative comments on your style or lack there of, you are the perfect candidate to start your journey for the right hair care product. Your hair is simply misunderstood. It is doing what it has no choice to do without the right products.

Hair Products And Hair Types

Breaking hair needs moisturizers and products to seal in moisture. If you have Caucasian or naturally straight hair your moisturizing products would have to be implemented during your shampooing and deep conditioning session.

African American type hair must have daily moisturizers added to their hair because it is replenishes natural oils at a slower rate than any other hair type; this is why shampooing is done sometimes bi-weekly.Sleeping in plastic caps 3 times a week with oils will help oils to penetrate leaving hair stronger and more elastic to prevent breakage. You will alternate an oil treatment with a deep conditioning treatment.

A deep conditioner for 20 minutes with a plastic bag and heat will help restore the moisture that is causing breakage in your hair. Instant conditioners that are meant for only 3 minutes tops can dissolve hair and natural moisture causing hair to become dry and break. It is only meant to remove dead cuticles from hair leaving it silky and smooth. This feeling give a false sense of conditioning.

  • Curly hair needs hair products to define curls or to straighten them out. Defining is the operative word here. Most products for curly hair is designed to smooth hair cuticles and seal out style ruining moisture leaving curls separated and defined. After using such products you will not touch your hair after your hair is styled and dried the way you like it.
  • Grey hair or any undesirable colored hair needs color or color enhancer. The yellowing of grey hair can take place as an affect of using products that are not designed for grey hair. Products should be free of color that can gradually stain hair as well as shampoos and conditioner.
  • Balding head of hair need root stimulants or treatments. Thinning hair can be caused by using products that clog your pores. Deep cleansing and stimulating shampoos and products can deep clean the roots of your hair slowing down the thinning process. Tip: massage scalp for 5 minutes and place head off bed for 5 minutes 3 times a week to aid blood flow to hair roots. African American can do this with natural non-clogging oils (olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E etc) and sleep with plastic cap during those 3 nights.
  • Frizzy hair needs moisture control products to seal out moisture. Porous hair is affected by moisture in the air. Products that are made just for frizzy hair has ingredients that create a barrier against moisture depending on your hair type you will have to experiment.
  • Flat hair needs oil free products not to be weight down. A great cut to fit your face type may be just what you need along with a great oil free shine product or using a cream setting lotion or setting mousse and twisting your hair before a great night out for temporary curls.

No hair products obsess our minds until we have hair concerns. It could be curly hair that keeps swelling up when straightened or curls that fall limps before your day is over. Finding the right style is great knowing how to maintain it is priceless.

If you hate a lot of maintenance on hair you might consider a hairstyle that works with your natural hair texture.For instance if you have wavy hair you can wear a short or mid-length cut that your waves would compliment; using a light holding mouse or gel to define your curls.

Wearing your gorgeous hairstyle and choosing the right hair care products doesn't happen until you have gone through trial and error. A professional hairstylist can analyse your hair and recommend the best hair care products you can use to maintain your new look with your input Someone with your hair type and similar way of styling can share from their personal experience.

The best person to ask about hair products is the people who have experience in what your looking for. Don't start experimenting blind without directions; that could cost you a lot of wasted time and money in worthless products.

Ask the person that has the style you want what products they are using. Ask questions about the upkeep and drawbacks. Don't stop with one person, ask many.Believe me people don't mind telling you what doesn't work and why or visa versa.

If you're daring you can experiment with several products you have already to achieve your desired look before going out to buy more products. You will be surprised what you can achieve with a combination of several products.

Waring; don't give up on products that you already have without really testing to find out what their fullest potentials are. The more you learn the more creative you will become. Example, You may have to use a product when your hair is wet verses being dry for your desired look.

Use a plan when researching the perfect hair care products for your hair type. Find out more haircare tips at .


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Sounds good, Feel free to leave a comment on what works for you!

      I found a great shine spray that is cheap and non greasy called....don't let this freak you out! "Wig Shine" It is oil free and comes in a violet spray bottle, the company is called Bonfi Natural. I found it in florida, but it is made in Washington, D.C.I was told about this and had to sneak to buy it. It gave me a great shine without any oils and greasy feel. Great for those that love the straight look and anyone that wants a quick high non greasy shine.

    • Matt in Jax profile image

      Matt in Jax 6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      Nice opinions. Possible idea for future Hubs may be to test amongst friends what they like for each of those individual hairstyles to give recommendations to readers.