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How To Choose The Best Men's Hair Products

Updated on June 19, 2013

When a man wants to have great looking hair, it is essential to find the best mens hair products. Store shelves are filled with numerous items. Depending on style, a man will have different needs that will need to be filled.

The Axe Hair Care line is filled with products that target a man's style. There are shampoos, creams, gels, promades, and pastes that help a man achieve the perfect look. Here are a few tips to help a man select the right hair care products.

Shampoo and Conditioner

If a man has short and normal hair, a regular shampoo will be able to rinse and clean dirt from the head. However if there is dryness or oiliness in the scalp, a special shampoo will be better. Normal shampoos gently clean hair without stripping out oil. Shampoos for oily hair are designed to get rid of extra oil without leaving hair too dry. Shampoos for dry hair are meant to moisturize the scalp without greasing up hair and weighing it down. Axe has an entire line of shampoos and conditioners geared toward men with masculine smells. Even men with dandruff will be able to find a product that targets the problem and can get rid of the stubborn flakes.

Men's Styling Products

Besides cleaning the hair, a man will need some styling products to achieve a particular look.

Gels: Most gels are water based and help a man achieve a wet look. There are both light or firm hold gels on the market. If a man has fine hair, a light product will be best. A firm hold product tends to weigh hair down. However when a man has thick hair, a light hold product will not be effective. Axe Clean Cut Wet Shine gel will work for all hair types. It adds shine without leaving a concrete feel or appearance behind.

Creams: A styling cream is similar to a wax and is meant to control flyaways. For a man with fine hair, it is wise to use a small amount to avoid looking greasy. If a man has curly hair, creams work best to boost shine. Axe offers a Natural Understated Look cream. Hair will appear in place without looking like a styling product was used.

Promades: These items are normally used to add shine and hold. Most men will use them for a sleek style. They are often best for men with thick hair. They are applied to hair like gel, but must be removed before bed to avoid clogging pores on the scalp. This can lead to damage. Axe has a Refined Clean Cut Look promade to polish a style without giving a wet look like gel.

Spray: To finish a look and to lock it in place, a hair spray will be useful. For a man with fine hair, a light spray will work best and will not weigh hair down. Thicker hair may need a heavier hold. Axe offers a super hold spray for men who like to spike hair.

There are numerous mens hair products on the market, so it can be confusing when it comes time to select the right ones. It is essential for a man to understand individual hair type before making a decision. Most brands have products that are geared for specific problems. For instance, there are shampoos for oily, dry, or hair with dandruff. There are various styling products as well. Axe Hair Care is a brand that is dedicated to men's needs. There are multiple products besides shampoos and conditioners, which help men look sleek and well groomed at all times.


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