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How To Choose The Perfect Dangle Earrings

Updated on May 27, 2013

Dangle Earrings: A Definition

In this article I will show you the differences between dangle earrings, drop earrings and chandelier styles.

Although many people use the terms to describe any type of earring that hangs down from the ear there is a subtle difference between the three types.

Also I will describe the types of material used and what to watch out for and give you a couple of tips on how to pick the best dangle earrings for you.

Drop, Dangle Or Chandelier Earrings

Drop earrings: The drop earring is a style popular with many women and consists of a fixed bar usually with a pearl, bead or diamond accent at the lower end. The drop earring, being fixed does not move and stays in a fixed position.

Dangle earring: Dangle earrings have a stud or clip at the top from which the rest of the earring is suspended. In this style the main part of the earring is free to move and gives it the swinging motion that allows any accents to sway and catch the light. Especially effective with crystals or gemstones.

Chandelier Earrings: The chandelier style of earring is similar to the dangle but will incorporate additional elements to further enhance any movement. Although there is a huge variety of chandelier styles many tend to be on the heavy side and can drag your earlobe down. see below.

Drop Earring


What Metal Is Used In Dangle Earrings

What Are Dangle Earrings Made Of?

Dangle earrings are available in lots of different metals from platinum and gold right down to base metals used in the cheap market stall varieties.

The most common metal used is sterling silver marked generally with a 925 symbol. Most women have no trouble wearing sterling silver and so it is a good material to use.

Some Women and indeed men do have a sensitivity to certain types of metal, usually the ones that contain Nickel. Nickel is used in a variety
ways but usually to give the main material extra strength.

14k gold and sterling silver may contain amounts of nickel and so even these can lead to irritation and soreness where it touches the skin.

To avoid these symptoms it is wise to look for very low nickel metals which can marked as hypoallergenic. Surgical steel is another common name for these metals but there is a degree of nickel in these so take care before you buy.

Dangle Earring

Dangle earrings on Pinterest
Dangle earrings on Pinterest | Source

Which Dangle Earring Is Right For You?

Choosing a dangle earring is a subjective choice and depends very much on the style you adopt generally.

Are you a BoHo chick, a nightclub diva or classy lady?

There are dangle earrings which will go beautifully with any of these styles from feathers and beads to CZ crystals, chains and swirls to diamonds.

Most of us dress in different ways according to the occasion and so there will always be a style of dangle earring that will match perfectly.

Chandelier Earring

More Chandelier Earrings
More Chandelier Earrings | Source

Points To Remember When Buying Dangle Earrings

When choosing your dangle earrings there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

Depending on the materials used for instance, gold, beads, crystals and even diamonds dangle earrings can be quite heavy.

Only you know your ears and how strong they are. If you have good robust lobes you can look at the heavier styles but if your lobes are thin and delicate it is wise to pick only the lighter earrings.

Nothing looks worse than an earring that stretches the earlobe and the effect can be permanent if you wear earrings regularly.

The length of your neck also plays an important role in deciding the perfect earring, if your neck is long you have the most choice but for women with shorter necks care should be taken that the earring does not hang to low or take over the area completely, dangle earrings should be an accent not the whole picture.


I hope you enjoyed this article and are now in a better position to choose your perfect dangle earrings. You know the difference between, drop, dangle and chandeliers, what materials to look out for and the points to consider when buying your earrings.

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