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How To Choose Sexy Fashion Sandals With Hot Spring Dresses

Updated on April 24, 2012

Sexy Summer Fashions And Accents

Looking sexy in the summer with you body shape is possible if chosen wisely. There are some very cool styled dresses that can make anyone more fashionable while hiding bit too curvy bodies.

Dressing for summer is not hard but when you want to look sexy for a date, outing or vacation some helpful tips will take you a long way. Why not feel and look good at all cost. It doesn't matter the size but what you do with it.

Accents For Summer Fashion

  • Great sandals.
  • Colorful jewelry.
  • Fab shades.
  • Array of belts.
  • Summer Hats.
  • Heels Above heel protector.
  • Small and large purse.
  • Sun Umbrella.

Women are most fabulous when they are confident in their appearance.

How To Camouflage Less Attractive Body Parts

  1. Ruffles on small breast or small derrieres will add volume when needed.
  2. Cut off mini dress shirts that just cover your bottom with leggings and a fab pair of pumps will camouflage love handles and tummies. Don't forget to add a great necklace and handbag for your final touches.
  3. Buy dresses with shapers already made in them for a smoother firmer look.
  4. Use black in strategic places to minimize features like wide waistline or bust-line.
  5. Sheer dress length vest to hide trouble zones.
  6. Halter dress to accentuate bust and camouflage where needed while showing off great legs.

Summer Fashion Sandals

No summer clothe are complete without the perfect sandals and pedicure. Platform sandals are what's hot today. A pedicure and a sexy pair of platform sandals will make any spring and summer attire complete. Casual clothes are even better with a pair of these fabulous footwear.

We can't say sandal and forget about the array of beautiful and colorful beach sandals. Your feet are to be worshipped in the sun with the perfect beach sandals. Please don't wear open toes unless you feet have been groomed. You don't want to take away from all the beauty!

If you love heels but your feet don't you can always wear the wedges that are lifted up in the front as well as the back. This will take away from stress on your feet and still give you height and sex appeal to our outfit.

You sandal can come in color, jewels, flats, heels and different fabrics. Be sure to get neutral sandals to wear with more of your summer fashion.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Elearn4Life. I appreciate your advice. You've given me information to work on.