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How To Do A Foot Spa At Home

Updated on October 11, 2015

At Home Foot Spa

I love my feet . So I always give proper care for my feet .Foot spa gives refreshment to my tired, aching feet and also improves its appearance. You can also do foot spa at home !!! . It will take less than an hour and you can also save some money

Give a foot spa to your foot on every week . I usually take a spa on every weekend . I think this tips are also useful for you.

For a foot spa you need

1. A calm space

2. relaxing chair

3. your favorite music or book.

4. a round plastic bowl / a home spa bath with warm water

5. pumice stone / foot file.

6. foot scrub.

7. bubble bath / good liquid soap.

8. Epsom salt

9. rose water (optional)

10. moisturizing lotion

11. towel

12. nail polish (optional )

please arrange all these items before starting your spa.

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1. Remove your nail polish and wash your feet.

Remove your old nail polish and wash your feet properly

2. Prepare your spa lotion

Add a little Epsom salt,bubble bath / liquid soap and rose water to warm water .Mix it well .Allow Epsom salt to dissolve in water . Epsom salt helps to reduce swelling in your feet . Rose water refreshes the skin, cleans the oil & dirt.

3.Soak your feet in spa lotion

soak your feet atleast 15 minutes in spa lotion . relax , relax, relax ....This time you can enjoy your favourite music or book . (spa also gives refreshment to your mind).

4. Exfoliate your feet and Heel

Remove the oldest dead skin from your heel using a pumice stone / foot file.I always use 'Ped Egg Foot File' . It is easy to hold and it removes all callous from feet. Then apply foot scrub and massage in circular motion on your feet. I use my own home made foot scrub :) . It is very easy to prepare.

S.P If you have cracked foot , you need special care.Take a spa once in a week and always use a creamy moisturizer for your foot. You can also try crack creme for your foot.

Sugar and Olive Oil Foot Scrub

Sugar - 3 table spoon

Olive oil - 1 table spoon

Honey - 1 table spoon

Jojoba oil - 5 drops (optional)

Take a bowl . Mix all ingredients well and prepare a smooth paste. This foot scrub also moisturize your feet because of the olive oil. It is good for cracked foot , use it every day before or while getting a shower.

5. Wash your feet with warm water

Rinse your feet with warm water and dry using a soft towel.


7. Polish your nails

polish your toenails with your favorite color. This step you can skip .

Why you waste too much money on beauty parlor . Try this At Home Foot Spa . Your Feet will Thank You

6. Moisturize Your Feet

Moisturise your feet with a good moisturizer. Give a soft massage. This will improve blood circulation and make your skin soft.

Note : There are different types of moisturizing lotion available in the market, choose the best one according to your skin type.


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