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How To Do Mary Poppins Makeup

Updated on February 3, 2015

Mary Poppins Makeup Tutorial

Step One

Step One

Prime your face.

I used the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion. For the Aveda makeup line your can use all of their facial care moisturizers as face primers.

Step Two and Step Three

Step Two

Apply liquid foundation all over your face.

I used Covergirl Natureluxe liquid foundation. It can be easier to apply using a slightly moist sponge. However using your fingers is fine as well.

Step Three

Prime Eyelids

I used the Covergirl Naturaluxe foundation again for this.

Aveda Gobi Sands Eye Trio


Step Four and Step Five

Step Four

Apply Aveda Gobi Sands Dark shade to eye crease strongly in an arc over the entire crease. Use a firm eye shadow brush.

Step Five

Apply Lightest shade of the Aveda Gobi Sands eye trio to your lid and under your brow arch. Use a soft eye shadow brush.

Step Six

Step Six

Apply liner.

I used Aveda black orchid liner.

Apply thickly to your upper lash line.

Step Seven

Step Seven

Apply a lip color.

You can use Aveda Lip Color Cherry Bud. Apply either with a lip brush or straight from the tube directly to your lips.

Step Eight

Step Eight

Apply the rest of your liner.

Apply Aveda Cacao Liner to your bottom lash line lightly.

Aveda Mosscara Black Forest

Step Nine

Step Nine

Use a nice thick black mascara.

I recommend using Aveda Mosscara in Black Forest.

Apply to your upper lashes.

Step Ten

Step Ten

Apply a powder to set your liquid foundation.

Apply Aveda Powder Foundation all over your face using a foundation brush.

Step Eleven

Step Eleven

Apply Aveda Apricot blush if you wish to apples of your cheeks using either a fan brush or a foundation brush.

Cole Art Mary Poppins Makeup Tutorial





Cole Makeup Artistry


Aveda and Covergirl

You can follow me on Cole Makeup Artistry's Twitter or business Facebook page.

What other kids movie character would you like to see made into a makeup tutorial?

What other kids movie character would you like to see made into a makeup tutorial?

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