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How To Dress Like George Best - Soccer's Most Fashionable Man

Updated on March 14, 2011

George Best was known for his style

George Best was a famous football (soccer) player during the 1960's and 1970's. He was perhaps as well-known for his lifestyle as for his play on the pitch. He was a hard-partier and so stylish that hit rock bands wrote songs about his fashionable ways (The Kinks song "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" is actually about Best).

Sadly, Best passed away in 2005. Though his life may have been cut short by his abusive use of intoxicants, his stylish image lives on. Now I'm going to show you some basic fashion tips that would be George Best approved: 

Keep up with the times

George Best, unlike most fashion icons, was not known for one particular look. He was known to always be among the most stylish men in the room, but his particular style changed with the times. He wore Chelsea boots and mod suits in the 1960's and huge peaked lapels in the 1970's when that type of look was common on items like leisure suits.

Despite keeping up with the fashion world, Best managed to never blend in and look boring. He kept at the cutting edge and never shied away from changes in style. While everyone else dipped their toes in the water, George Best dove in head first.

If George Best were alive today he'd probably be rocking a Gingham shirt and a double-breasted jacket over it, because that's what's going to be fashionable for the next couple of years. 

The Three Piece Suit

George Best wore a lot of three piece suits back in his early days. This was the 1960's, and mod style was very big. That meant slim cuts on everything, which is perfect for the three piece suit. This style was very big with young people, but older men were wearing it as well. Look at some of the looks on Mad Men to see what some American white collar executives were wearing around that time. The character of Roger Sterling in particular is known for his vested suits.

The key here is getting the fit right. If it's nice and snug it looks great. If it leaves a lot of fabric in various places it looks sloppy.  

Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot is more of a Beatles look, but George Best was known for styling his looks after the Beatles and other famous Brits. He even sported a Beatles mop top haircut for some time. Chelsea boots go well with all sorts of outfits, from the suit mentioned above to a simple blue jeans and a blazer look.

As always, I like to remind everyone to match the leather in your shoes to the leather on your belt. If you wear a leather strap on your watch, match that leather to the others as well. This can seem like a pain and prohibitively-expensive when you're building your wardrobe, but after a few years you should be able to build up a nice collection of belts and watch straps that you can swap out for any shoe choice. You'll look so much more put-together if you can manage to match your leathers.  

A Nice Watch

A watch is one of the few acceptable pieces of jewelry for a man. Find a watch that fits, is made of the right materials (no rubber straps unless you're jogging or swimming) and matches with your outfit. Also, avoid watches that are too busy. If you want to look classy, stay away from anything with a digital readout. A watch is for fashion; it's not for telling the time. You have your cell phone for that. I suggest a vintage watch of a good brand, such as Omega or Longines. 


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