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How To Choose The Best Quality Lace Front Wigs

Updated on May 8, 2014

Getting the Best Lace Front Wigs

If you dream is to have long luxurious hair, wait no more. Lace front wigs are the most sought after hair accessories of all times. Women as well as men can instantly regain confidence after losing hair due to illnesses and chemical damage.

Lace front wigs are the most natural wigs that have ever been invented although they have been around for ages on movie sets their importance and fame have grown globally.

The full wig or the hairline is made of a fine lace with hair ventilated into individual holes to allow the hair to appear to be growing from the roots.

The cost varies from the inexpensive but very popular synthetic and discount lace front wigs to very expensive human hair hand tied lace front wigs with delicate skin like scalps.

How To Choose The Best Quality Lace Front Wigs

There are many beautiful lace front wigs out there with many different prices. Of course you want the texture, color and style you want but there are several other factors to a great lace front wig. Lace wigs that offer you these mentioned qualities do cost more but will save you hundreds of dollars for maintaining it's integrity.

  • Bleached knots to enable the strands to look as if it's growing from your scalp
  • Sealed knots to prevent shedding bald spots and shorten wig life
  • Use hair that has the cuticles facing all one direction to avoid snarling.
  • Lace that matches or blends with your own scalp color
  • Natural hair density. Wearing a wig that is too thick or too thin looks fake or exposes the wig

This is how the lace is ventilated.

How To Get The Best Inexpensive Lace Frontal Wig

Lace front wigs that have been used as displays, used as sales item and have been sent back by various shoppers for wrong color, length or other mistakes.

You can find a lace front wig for sale by many lace front wig distributor just for the asking or looking for their specials page or seasonal wig sales. You can also ask your local lace wig store when they will be holding specials for their display models.

Amazon and Ebay are also a great place to find lace wigs on sale with descriptions and various selections. There is no longer a reason to go broke with the customized wig pricing when you can buy a very inexpensive lace front wig that has a stretch fit that will accommodate any size head.

You will have to search around a bit for special color combinations and lace placement for natural partings where you want them. Don't let this discourage you from the ability to save yourself a lot of money.

How To Buy A Quality Lace Frontal Wig VS Customized Lace Wig

If you are experimenting for the first time with lace wigs this is the way you can have the best and keep the price down. Wearing a customized lace wig for over $20,000 is ridiculous if you can get a high quality unit for $1,500 or cheaper.

A high quality lace wigs have incredible lace that is undetectable when applied. The hair looks as if it is growing right out of the scalp. You can not get this type of buttery soft lace and hair in a more inferior lace wig for a cheap price.

You can buy wigs that are not customized and of this type of quality for under $1,000. You can find a lace wig for under $300 dollars but be sure to verify the integrity of the lace. You at least want to fool your audience.You do get what you pay for, although I have seen $35 to $50 synthetic lace front wigs looked just as fabulous. The new fibers are believable in color and can be re-curled and set with heat.

If you have ever worn a very expensive high quality lace front wig you will appreciate this advice. There is nothing like the light weight, supreme texture and the incredible feeling of quality , but quality cost money.

On top can see that the closure knots have not been bleached to look natural and below you can see the line of demarcation on the forehead.
On top can see that the closure knots have not been bleached to look natural and below you can see the line of demarcation on the forehead. | Source

How To Choose Your Lace Front Wig

With today's technology you can find a fabulous wig within your price range. This is what you most likely consider before finding your lace wig on sale :

  • partings
  • texture
  • lace
  • color
  • length
  • price

* Some people make their own lace front wigs and buy virgin quality weaving hair that last a couple of years.

Lace Front Wig Types

The partings you want to achieve through your styling needs will determine what type of lace wig you will buy.

  • Full Lace Front wig- When all of your hair moves freely as it is your own.You are able to have parting all over.
  • Front Lace wig - Small partings in the front.
  • Hand Tied - Hair is added to wig by hand and not machine.
  • human hair - There are many varieties of human hair. Brazilian(most popular), Indian, Ethiopian, Hawaiian, yaki,relaxed straight, wavy, curly.
  • Synthetic fiber - Synthetic fibers vary, there are some you can curl with heat and some you can not. The newer fibers today look very realistic and come in a variety of colors and textures.

If you only have need for a small separation in front your lace wig will be a front lace wig. If you choose to have a part down the middle of your head for ponytails or various styles you will choose a full lace wig.

Lace Type

There is also the issue with the lace with more expensive lace wigs. If you are new to lace front wig you may want to go with the french lace which is not so delicate and comes in a multiple of colors just until you have more experiencing installing a lace wig.

Swiss lace is very delicate which makes German lace very popular for wig makers. However Swiss lace is softer and the first choice for more expensive lace wigs.

Now that you are on your journey buy a cheap lace front wig don't forget you have to learn how to apply, shampoo, and style your lace front wig. No worries there are videos all over the web that can help you in this area.

  • French lace
  • German super Swiss lace
  • Swiss lace
  • polyester blend lace

The Swiss lace or German super Swiss lace can be unforgiving because of the fine thin fabric they not recommended for a novice. They can tear and need to be treated gently. However the German super Swiss lace will disappear the best onto your skin allowing you to fool the world.

Good Luck and be fabulous with The Best Lace Front Wig you can find! Visit


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