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How To Fix Uneven or Red Facial Skin Tones - Stop Embarassment By Hiding Imperfect Skin

Updated on August 23, 2014
The skin on a banana has healing properties. Rubbing banana peel onto acne skin for only 5 minutes a day will reduce acne and redness. Oh yeah... use them on your pesky mosquito bites for instant relief!
The skin on a banana has healing properties. Rubbing banana peel onto acne skin for only 5 minutes a day will reduce acne and redness. Oh yeah... use them on your pesky mosquito bites for instant relief!

Fun Banana Tip To Stop Redness and Sooth Skin

I know there are tens of thousands of "even your skin tone" articles out there, but I have just one more for you. I have had the privilege of working as an esthetician for several years while being in the beauty field for over 30 years. I understand what people of all ethnicity go through with their skin and know that it doesn't end with just simply covering up the marks, scars or redness.

Certain products cause you to be dependent on them without solving the underlying problem. Using the wrong foundation is a huge problem. You use it to cover your skin issues just to notice you now have more.

What you may not know about your problem skin care product...

Maintaining skin with roseacea with the pesky redness, acne marks, tattoos, uneven skin tone to wider pores due to oily skin and genes all have one thing in common; people try to hide them with foundation that cause skin damage and prevents them from forming healthy beautiful skin by:

  • blocking sunlight
  • no nourishment
  • clogging skin

What you need to know about your problem skin...

It is important to have a skin care regimen for your specific skin situation. If your skin is oily you need oil free product. If your skin has redness you need gentle skin care products just for your delicate skin type. You get the point.

That being said all skin has to be balanced to be healthy. You may not know this but healthy skin has a 5.5 pH and today's facial product are balanced for facial skin. It is very important to use only washes made for your face on your face or you could magnify your skin imperfections.

Skin Care Tips

A great tip I want to share is that when you give yourself a facial treatment or mask you should always use a toner to re-balance your skin afterward. Witch hazel naturally balances your skin and will allow you to easily distribute your moisturizer and avoid clogging your skin with too much product.

I also suggest simple things like washing your face after brushing your teeth just to keep a good balance around your mouth area or get a splash of witch hazel. Those of you that suffer from dryness, breakouts or redness around your mouth now know why.

5 Tips to Minimize Skin Redness

If you are serious about having less redness in your skin you will have to make some changes. You will have to leave hot spices, caffeine products and anything that causes your flair-ups alone.

  1. no caffeine
  2. no smoking
  3. wash face with luke-warm water/ pat dry
  4. Use gylcolic peels (with a professional) instead of scrubs to remove dry skin.
  5. Lay down and apply oatmeal mix( oatmeal and water loose paste) to sooth skin for 10 minutes. This works best after sun exposure or a scrub that irritated your skin.

Breathable Healing Foundation for Better Skin Care

Dermatologist Approved Skin Care Cover Foundation

Oxygenetix Review

How To Cover or Hide Uneven or Red Skin Now

Of course you want to cover your uneven or red skin now without causing their condition to worsen. However, there are more foundations than ever before that allow your skin to heal and breath than ever before.

This is no secret; but using the right foundation for your skin type is imperative to get the best results. The cost of using foundations that cover up tattoos can be harmful to your skin but make you look amazing. You know that you are using the wrong product when it becomes necessary to use foundation everyday.

  • wrinkles
  • dry skin
  • blackheads
  • more redness

You can not treat acne or redness like tattooed skin. Your face must breath and get the benefits of nourishment to heal and reduce redness even when you wear foundation. You must use products made for your particular skin condition that allow your skin to breath and protect your skin during the day.

You may have redness because of skin care treatments such as micro dermabrasion or the clearing of blackheads and acne. You may even have redness because of the harsh scrub you just bought from the store. But what do you do now? It is very important to use a cover up that will heal the skin and not cause further damage.

If you don't know your skin type or need help healing your skin, see a professional. Dermatologist and other skin care professionals are trained to evaluate your skin and sell you products for your skin type.

Important!! You Are More Than The Skin Your In

Some skin care issues can cause severe depression and hardships. This kind of markings or scarring can hinder your very self worth. The good news is that there are amazing foundation options to cover up when you want to.

I believe the scars we have are there to test our strength and self worth. You can't go through life saying "why me" you should say " why not me" to start the healing and the healing of other when they see your strength.

By proudly showing your imperfections you give the strength to others to revile theirs. Below is a video I found of a true queen. I'm sure you know someone that strives to be their best regardless of their imperfect looks which are perfect in their own rights. It is who you are and what's in your hearth that determines true beauty. Beauty is what beauty does... True beauty is what is in your heart.

Skin Confessions


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