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How To Improve Your Smile With 3 Affordable Smile Options - Discover A Quick Alternative To Restorative Dentistry

Updated on October 5, 2015
Don't be the only one without a great smile.
Don't be the only one without a great smile.

Don't like your teeth or smile? Many of us have given up the dream of improving our smiles but could not afford the price of porcelain veneers . There are many that suffer with bad teeth by no fault of their own and have excepted their fate.

People judge you before they even know you. Jobs don't want you to represent them and will pass over you as if finding a job isn't hard enough.

I'm sure school and any social environment is stressful if you have to keep hiding your teeth while trying to talk.

The reason for your bad teeth is not as important as how you are affected everyday because of them.

  • gaps
  • broken teeth
  • rotted teeth
  • chipped tooth
  • crooked teeth
  • missing teeth
  • discolored teeth

There is finally a breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry that could help millions if not more across the world feel more confident with their smile for an affordable cost. Then with more research I found out that dentist have nothing to do with this new way to cost effectively and instantly improve your smile.

I know I have your attention now but let's first go over your options to fix your smile first.

Restorative Dentistry

Let's face it if you want to fix your smile it is going to cost you. It is very expensive to replace teeth. But what about a child or adult that suffer from poor self esteem because of bad teeth? Cosmetic dentistry can cripple a households budget and is not seen as a necessity.

  • teeth whiteners- May not work for all teeth. Expensive to keep up.
  • bond- Expensive
  • false teeth- Expensive
  • veneers- Expensive
  • braces- Expensive
  • implants- Expensive

There are a lot of people that can improve their social life with something as simple as a new set of teeth. Well it is possible with an alternative to cosmetic dentistry and without any painful visits to the dentist.

Restorative Dentistry Options

There are design labs that have discovered a way to get an imprint of your teeth and make you a pair of snap on teeth. You heard me! You can order a pair of instant veneers that will fix a smile in minutes. Of course there is a process to get to this point first.

  1. Order mold kit.
  2. Mail it back in.
  3. Wait for veneers.

Just imagine having a mold of your teeth made to completely cover the teeth that are causing you embarrassment and shame. You will be able to eat in your new teeth as well as have your picture taken with a big smile again.

3 Affordable Smile Options

These cheaper veneers are not meant to eat hard foods with and should be cleaned often and not used everyday. Remember they are for cosmetic reasons and aren't as hard as real teeth.

There are three companies that have solved the bad teeth problem with their removeable snap on teeth at affordable prices.

  1. Snap on Smiles are made in a lab but fitted by dentist. Cost: $1,600-$3,500
  2. Press On Veneers are processed in the lab and sent straight to you. Cost: $795 for each arch. Top or Bottom.
  3. Instant Smile Teeth is the least costly and the bottom set needs bond to grip. (I've heard it's made for smaller faces.Cost $19.99 for each arch. Top or Bottom.

Instant Smile Teeth

How To Take Care Of Your Teeth

Being able to smile and hold your head up high can change a persons life. Instant veneers will allow you to become more confident and enjoy life like never before. I am happy for anyone who can use these products. However the fact remains that there are teeth issues that have to be addressed.

5 Tips To Care For Your Teeth

  1. Use a gargle with floride before going to bed.
  2. Gargle with peroxide and water to kill pain causing bacteria.
  3. Brush teeth after all meals. 2 times minimum.
  4. Your teeth has 5 sides use a "Gum Brush" to clean in between.
  5. Drink all sweet juices during dinner when saliva helps clean teeth.

Improving your smile with snap on teeth covers may seem like the answer to your prayers but good health and hygiene can save your life. Teeth issues can cause heart disease and gum disease. Be sure to care for your teeth and not rely on your fix a smile to cause you to have more damage. Check out a dental school for your 6 month checkups if money is a great concern.

I know exactly who I am getting snap on smile set for and I also know that you may be thinking the same thing too. Be sure to vote this hub up and share it with people you care about.


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