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How To Get A Tattoo You Will Be Proud Of

Updated on October 17, 2014

Sailor Jerry Flash Sheet


Say NO To Flash!

For those who are new to the ink slingging scene, Flash is the tattoos that you see on the walls of a tattoo shop. They have already been designed and probably picked by many, many, people before you. Sure they may be great for the person who wants a generic image, like, for instance, a band logo. When I got my Crimson Ghost Misfits logo tattoo, I had no problem that it came off a flash sheet. I wanted it to be recognized for exactly what it was. If you want something unique to YOU, however, talk to the artist about your ideas. They should have no problem drawing something up for you.

Communication Is Key

If you already have something in mind, by all means, bring photos, drawings, and whatever else you can think of that will help your tattoo artist create a masterpiece for YOUR canvas!

If they draw something up that doesn't fit right with you, do not be afraid to tell them. What didn't you like about it? What do you think would work better? Sometimes, they may need to consult with some inspiration to get the right angle. Let them work with other artists, ask friends, or research the piece a little more. Remember, this is going to be on your body forever, so now is NOT the time to be impatient!

Lollie Gets Tattooed

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Consider Tattoos That Will Truly Look Good For Life

"All things change, and we with them." That is true, but tattoos are forever. (Unless you decide later on to modify it, cover it up, or have it removed.) Consider a tattoo that will be able to grow WITH you. Something that is timeless. Everyone is different of course, and different designs symbolize different ideas to different people. If you like flowers, research what flowers may be associated with your name or family, or perhaps your place of birth. Then, as always, ask the artist to draw up something custom!

Skulls may look really cool, but you really may not want a skull tattooed on you when you get married or when you have kids. (Or maybe you will, who knows!) Either way, these are things to consider before you get it tattooed on you.

Location, Location, Location

Where do you want it? That will be the burning question that comes next after you decide on a piece. This is important. Unless you are confident that ALL of your future workplaces will be ok with it, you may want to consider a location that is more easily hidden. The back, the leg, and the shoulder are good spots. Although more and more workplaces are becoming more and more tolerant of tattoos, there are other public situations you may find yourself in throughout life where a visible tattoo may not be the best thing.

Location Matters!

Although this is an awesome knuckle tattoo, you may not want it when meeting your future mother in law.
Although this is an awesome knuckle tattoo, you may not want it when meeting your future mother in law. | Source

Double and Triple Check!

Ok! You came this far, and hopefully you are excited! Before you start to sign your life away with paperwork, however, this is the time when you may want to get a second opinion. Either from another tattoo artist, a friend, family member, or someone else who would tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear. Sleep on it for a night if you must. Think about it for a few days if you wish. This is about YOU and no one else!

Make sure to check out your chosen artist's portfolio. Do they do work that looks like it would look good on you? A style that can mesh with your personality? These are all things you want to go over and double and Triple Check before you go under the needle!

Prepare For Lift Off!

The last thing you must do before getting inked is filling out the proper paperwork. You will need to show your ID so they can make a copy of it, and most shops require that you sign a checklist that confirms that you are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, truly over the age of 18, will follow aftercare instructions, and aren't pregnant. Different shops have different protocols for this. You will then likely pay something if not the entire bill. Then, you will shave the area to be tattooed, it will be sterilized, and you will be on your way!

Congratulations on making a decision to beautify yourself for life! I hope this guide has helped you! Remember, the gun SOUNDS scarier than it feels! The pain does get duller over time! Don't be scared!

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