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Have To Get Curly Dreadlocks- Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Updated on January 29, 2015

Wavy Locs

Dreadlock Curly and Wavy Hairstyles

Before you learn how to wave up your locs I want to clear up what dreadlocks are for those who still are unsure and just curious. Dreadlocks are normally hair grown in the rawest and most natural form.

Natural locs are developed without chemicals for the most part. Those with kinky hair can grow dreadlocks without backcombing or using other methods to cause hair to lock.

Many people from Caucasians , Asians to Russians have been enjoying dreadlocks for years. Backcombing, teasing, interlocking and crotchet methods have allowed many to enjoy dreadlocks with their natural straight hair type.

Nowaday you can just to to a beauty salon or the right loctician and have your waist length locks in a day or two thanks to extensions.

Dreadlock hairstyles are versatile and around because of the various length, sizes and possibilities. The fun part about dreadlocks is that you can wear them curly or straight. Nevertheless they are gorgeous to view in their many forms.

Dreadlocks wearers are always looking for new ways to style their locs to fit their everyday lifestyle or an up-do for special events. And up-do dreadlocks hairstyle are very elegant and cool for the warmer months.

Men wear plenty of these hairstyles themselves and enjoy their own updo hairstyles to stay cool. The ponytail in many forms are worn by all.

The many ways you can braid, twist or wrap your dreadlocks into an up-do hairstyle are endless.

bantu knots

How To Have Curly Dreadlocks

Finally! How To Get Wavy Dreadlocks

Having wavy dreadlocks give locs a new deminsion for private affairs or when you ready for a change. The transformation alone can be another hairstyle until your wavy or curly pattern is achieved.

  • knots
  • rolls
  • braided dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are worn in bantu knots, braided styles or updo rolls for a week or so to achieve a wavy look. You can also have your locs set with styling cream or lotion and sit under a dryer to have this look in a day. However it is important to always have your dreadlocks completely dry for a strong set and to prevent hair from dry rot which can cause breakage.

Wearing your dreadlocks curly is fun and makes you stand out from the rest. Curly dreadlocks add fullness to the normal flat loc hairstyles. The straight and updo dreadlock hairstyles are nice but the bouncy locs are so much fun to wear.

There are many ways a person can curl their locs. If they want a wavy look they can braid their damp or dry locs and leave if for a week for a deep and long lasting wave.

How To Get Wavy Dreadlocks

  • Braiding
  • Rod Sets

The smaller the braid the smaller the wave. The thicker the braid the deeper the wave. It's all up to you and how you feel.

Curly Dreadlock Hairstyles

Wearing the curly dreadlocks hairstyle is great for their long lasting and ever changing style. You can go from very curly to the various stages of wavy hairstyles as the curls slowly fall.

The versatility in the curly hairstyles for dreadlocks make them very popular with many loc wearers. With curly locs you can have it all!

How to Get Curly Dreadlocks

You can first wear your hair in the bantu knots if your daring enough, while waiting for your curls to set. The bantu knots will absolutely have you in a class by yourself.

  • Bantu Sets
  • Wrap locks into knots with styling mouse.

You can twist each dreadlocks until they coil up and when their tightly coiled at the base wrap the end around and secure underneath each dreadlocks . You can use an hair pin or rubber band if you chose.

Knotting and wrapping your hair will take practice.If your not confident in yourself leave these alone; for only the confident can pull the bantu knots off properly. After a week or so you can take the knots out and let your very curly hair flow free and bouncy!!

Important: Remember to experiment with styles you don't mind wearing in public when your planning to wear a great wavy dreadlocks style by the weekend. The longer your hair is set the stronger and longer your wavy locks will last. Test your style before any important event. Dreadlocks that are too curly may not be for you.

I hope you have found this hub very useful. Please share your ideas and your experiences with making wavy or curly dreadlocks.

Visit for more dreadlocks hairstyle ideas and tips.

Dreadlock Video Styling Guide

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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      Very happy you enjoyed this hub!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thank you for this article. Saving it to watch the video later. I'm really interested in the bantu knots, thought I did not know their name. This is very informative!