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How To Get Pastel Hair Colours

Updated on July 20, 2014

Pastel hair colours have been in demand for quite some time now - whether it be on the catwalk or on the streets, many people are looking to get this fantastic look. These pale hair colours are highly popular to those following trends such as 'pastel goth' or based around the Japanese lolita look. These eye-catching hair colours are cropping up everywhere, but they are somewhat elusive. Many people simply cannot find pastel hair dyes, or find that those which look as though they will be pale are brighter than was to be expected. There are also others' who don't even know where to begin with the process of achieving pastel hair. Whilst it may be a long one for some, pastel hair can be achieved with patience and you can get the look that you dreamed of.

Ensuring That Your Hair Is Pale Enough

In order to dye your hair a light shade it will need to be light beforehand. Many people, when dying their hair pastel shades, will continue bleaching (or bleach bathing) and using toner on their hair until it is white before they try to dye it a pastel shade - this will achieve the best results, but you can stop lightening you hair as soon as it is lighter than the shade that you intend for the end result. If you are inexperienced with bleaching your hair then you can go to your hairdresser to do it - they will also be able to ensure that it does not get over-bleached, which would be detrimental to the quality of your hair.

Toning your hair is a way to remove coppery or yellowy colours. A toner is a very light purple hair dye which removes such shades from your hair. This will not only help for you to get your hair paler and thus more ready for dying a pastel shade, but will also ensure that your hair colour is more even which will make the end result look much better.


Once you have achieved adequately pale hair, you can prepare to dye it your favourite pastel shade. Find a hair dye in the colour that you are looking for (this will probably be fairly bright) - for example, if you are looking for pastel pink then buy a bright pink shade of dye. This is because the easiest way to achieve pastel hair shades is to dilute brighter shades of hair dye. To do this, you will need to mix the hair dye with conditioner, so ensure that you have a dish or mixing bowl in order to do this. Since everybody's hair takes to dye differently, and the fact that hair dye brands and shades will vary, you will have to try a few little experiments to achieve the perfect shade. Mix a few small amounts of dye with conditioner and strand test your hair with them, remembering the ratios of each. This will allow for you to see the varying results and to thus figure out which ratio will work best for when you dye the rest of your hair - doing this means that are much more likely to get the perfect shade that you desire. Once you have decided how much dye and conditioner will be needed, you can mix up a larger amount and finish the process!

Ensure That Your Hair Remains In Good Quality

Due to the fact that you may have to bleach you hair, you may want to take a break from dying for a while to give your hair some time to regain quality. Using conditioning masks may help your hair to recover, as well as ensuring that you do not wash natural oils from your hair too frequently. If you have to bleach more than once (or are using the bleach bathing method), you may want to do this in-between times as well in order to ensure that your hair's quality doesn't suffer too much of a detriment in anticipation for your pastel colouring!


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    • followthestray profile image

      Samantha Harris 5 years ago from New York

      Thank you! I've been wanting to dye my hair cotton candy pink but have only achieved the colour after my hot pink hair dye has faded out haha. I didn't realize I could dilute the hair dye I already have to get the colour I want.

    • profile image

      Brenna 5 years ago

      This video shows you how to dye your hair a pastel color:

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      Great hub. I'm actually into bright coloured hair rather than the pastel, but it looks very pretty! I use manic panic too. Good tips!