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Shiny and Beautiful Hair!!

Updated on August 1, 2016

Shine With Beauty

Hair strength under your control!!!!

Hair are one of the most important asset for woman that can add value to your personality. People neglect their hair give more emphasis on face but fact is that your hair can change your personality. Looks & features are not in your full control but you can make your hair beautiful, Silky & Soft. Healthy diet & good care is the key for beautiful hair.

Just save a few moments out of your busy schedule & try these simple tips to get shiny hair.

Don't worry.....

We have hair problems like dandruff, Hair Fall, Dryness, Split ends, low volume & many more.

Biggest reason for Hair problem is stress & tension. Try to be calm & peaceful & try some tips & give some time to get rid of all problems:


  • Apply curd on your hair i.e will make soft & dandruff will away.
  • Massage your hair with coconut oil & lemon to get rid of Dandruff.
  • Apply some cleansing packs to clear dandruff & do oiling regularly to avoid dandruff.

Hair Fall:

  • Apply hair packs to reduce Hair fall like gram flour with curd etc.
  • Concentrate on your diet, try to take more proteins, more water, more vegetables.
  • Trim your hair, it will reduce hair fall.

These are very small problems, always feel good about youself & devote some dedicated time to personal care.

Tips for Beautiful Hair

Before applying anything you should know your hair type. Your hair type can be dry or oily or may be normal.

Some tips to for deep Conditioning:

  • Apply Henna for better conditioning of hair. It makes your hair shiny & more beautiful. Please note if your hair dry put 2-4 drops of oil.
  • Dry Amla powder soak in water over night, Rinse your hair with this solution after hair wash.
  • Apply mixture of mayonnaise, egg & olive oil to hair & keep it for 20 minutes.
  • Lemon juice with water is natural conditioner. Apply after wash.

Oil Massage is very Important

  • Oil massage in hair twice a week is very beneficial for strong roots , It gives a good blood circulation in scalp.
  • Massage well with almond oil drops, leave it for 30 minutes & then wash your hair with shampoo. It makes your healthy & strong.
  • Olive oil massage is also very beneficial for hair.

Let Shine your Hair!!!!

  • Use dilute vinegar on final rinse of hair that ‘ll make your hair instantly shine.
  • Curd & honey paste remove the dryness of scalp & will give luster & shine to your hair.
  • Mix vodka with shampoo & apply on your hair. It will give bounce & shine to your hair.
  • Take two eggs , mix well with milk & massage with it.wash after 15 makes your hair instantly shine.

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Diet for Healthy Hair

Choose 2-3 foods from given below along with your regular diet, you will see difference in your hair within 2 weeks.

Healthy Diet makes you strong!!!

  • Whole grains
  • More Dark Green Vegetables/ Beans/ Carrots
  • Chicken/ Fish/ eggs
  • Nuts(Almond, Cashew, Peanuts, Walnuts etc.)
  • Low fat Diary Products
  • Fruits(Specially Bananas for Vitamin B6)

* Soak 8-10 Almonds overnight in Water. Remove the skin & eat in the Morning empty stomach.

Do's & Don'ts for Healthy Hair

  • Keep your hair clean & wash twice a week.
  • Drink lots of water to make your hair healthy.
  • Don’t use straightener often.
  • Protect your hair from direct sunlight.
  • Eat well balanced diet that includes vitamin A ,vitamin C & vitamin E.
  • Dilute shampoo with water before apply on hair.
  • Non-vegetarians should try fish for healthy & beautiful hair.
  • Cover your hair with stole to protect from dust & sunlight.
  • Don't put so many hair accessories on your hair. It can damage your hair.
  • Don't tie hair at night on sleeping time.
  • Choose your shampoo according to your hair type.
  • Don't wash your hair with hot water, you can use lukewarm water in winters.

  • Keep on combing your hair whenever you get some time for blood circulation.Brush your hair at least four times a day.

  • Trim your hair regularly after 20-25 days for growth.

  • Olive oil massage is also very beneficial if can do at least once in a week.

  • Don't rub your wet hair. Just keep towel for 10 minutes to soak the water.

Tips for Beautiful Hair

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