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How To Get The Grunge Look

Updated on June 14, 2013

Grunge is IN!

90's Grunge is back and with a vengeance. Well, vengeance is a tad bit strong, but it's definitely a look that's back in style with no plans of leaving. Naturally, it's not absolutely *authentic* circa 1990s Seattle, but the essential grunge elements are still there. The grunge look has become so much more than ripped jeans and bed-head hair. It's now such a broad and popular look, that there are sub-genre looks for grunge such as neo-grunge and glam grunge (girly grunge).

Here are some key elements of the basic style of grunge:

1. Dark colors. Grunge is all about black and grey. Today, girls are wearing grunge pieces with all different colors, but the essential grunge look needs some darkness.

2. Jeans. Think stone-washed, worn-out, ripped and dark jeans. Jeans are a must for authentic grunge style. Today, this has changed since leggings and tights are also very popular with baggy t-shirts.

3. Flannel. C'mon who doesn't remember the ubiquitous flannel shirt. It's important to wear one that is slightly baggy, as if you just grabbed your band mate's flannel because you lost your shirt at a concert the night before.

4. Band Shirts. There's nothing that screams 90s more than a dirty looking Nirvana or Alice in Chains shirt. (I will get a lot of backlash from die-hard fans who hate girls that wear these shirts just for fashion BUT, who didn't love Nirvana in the 90s?)

5. Clunky Shoes. Think Chuck Taylors or Doc Martens. Combat boots are a MUST for any grunge look.

6. Crunchy Hair. "Crunchy?" you think. Yes crunchy. Like you haven't seen a bar of soap in 3 weeks. It's all about big, crunchy hair!

Despite all this "dirty-sounding" aspects of grunge, I promise grunge can look very cool. I mean, Heidi Klum wears grunge, need I say more?

Dark Colors


TIGHTS Replace Jeans

Celebs and fashionistas are wearing tights instead of boring ole' jeans. This is probably because no one wants to wear ugly stone-washed baggy jeans (as authentic as they are). Celebs are going to lace, patterned and even ripped tights! The tights are almost always dark-colored. This is an essential element of neo-grunge, which Taylor Momsen is a HUGE fan of!

Tights and Grunge


Flannel Revisited

Flannel is one of my favorite elements of grunge. I personally like to wear a loose flannel top with a tight tank top underneath. I also pair it with some ugly acid-washed skinny jeans. (I'm so strange, I LIKE ugly looking things)! The other modern twist I like is flannel that is 3/4 sleeved. It just looks cleaner and more put-together when the sleeves aren't flying around.



Putting It Together

Shoes: With the grunge look I always say go small or huge and high or flat. Go for some tiny vans or a clunkier shoe. For heels, I'm loving the new combat boots that are made with heels. Try to avoid shoes that are in between. Go for the extremes.

Accessories: Accessories aren't a big part of the grunge look. Many believe make-up and hairspray are the only accessories you need. I always like to girly up my grunge looks, so I always add girly jewelry pieces or accessories to my outfit. I love a contrast so I'll do a thick, black motorcycle jacket with a string of pearls!

The Extras

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    • adriatk profile image

      adriatk 5 years ago from USA

      I like mixing grunge elements with classic ones. For example, I'll wear skin-tight black skinny jeans with a striped cropped blazer. I think the grunge look is fantastic in moderation.

    • profile image

      sylsam10 5 years ago

      its a bit like Ke$ha but not entirely. i do love dark colors and the tights i was thinking....

      Tights and a big t-shirt with shorts underneath and a jacket.... grunge? Ke$sha? either way fan of both.

    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 5 years ago from California

      isa: Thanks! I'm also obsessed with tights. How else to wear skirts in the fall?

    • profile image

      isa 5 years ago

      super cool, i absolutely love the tights idea

      totally makes the grunge look work

      love, love, love

    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 6 years ago from California


      Yes the ripped tights look is still going strong!

      Thanks for visiting!

    • sally33 profile image

      sally33 6 years ago

      Ripped Tights are hot now...totally agree with you. Great hub!

    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 6 years ago from California

      Yes, the flannel look is HOT! I have 2 shirts but want to buy even more!

    • kazemaru2 profile image

      kazemaru2 6 years ago from usa

      Interesting I never thought women pull off flannel better than men in seattle.