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How To Grow Facial Hair

Updated on October 8, 2013

Practical Guide on How to Grow Facial Hair the Right Way

If you want to know how to grow facial hair, there is more that you need to do than quit shaving. After all, you need to grow out your beard while trimming it the right, so you will not end up looking ragged and untidy. Moreover, there is so much you need to understand when it comes to growing facial hair, and these key facts presented below can come in handy when you want to grow amazing-looking facial hair.

Make Your Beard Thick & Luscious - How To Grow A Beard

What Affects Facial Hair Growth

It is important to note that there are differences when it comes to the developmental pace of growing facial hair. You might have heard from some of your friends that they were able to grow thick hair in only a few weeks after they have reached puberty or when they began with testosterone therapy.

On the other hand, there are men who had to wait for years before they can grow a mustache or full beard. What's more, you may discover that there are men who grow thin facial hair in specific areas of their face such as the chin or sideburns. However, they are never able to grow more than a few inches of hair on their cheeks.

Keep in mind that just because your dad or uncle grows a a thick mustache or beard easily, it does not mean your facial hair growth is at the same rate.

So, if you struggle with growing a considerable thickness of facial hair, you need to start off by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. While this piece of advice may seem rather simple, it makes perfect sense to eat nutritious foods and fight off stress by getting plenty of rest each day. When it comes to the best foods to eat, you should consider eating food items that are rich in protein such as beans, eggs, fish and lean meat. Since stress can lead to hair loss, your goal is to strengthen hair and make it grow thicker by being mindful of what you eat.

It is also very important that you remain committed to growing your beard or mustache. Some people fail, though, because when they experience itching, they immediately take their razor and start shaving away their potential goatees and beards. You must understand that it may take about a month or so before your facial hair can grow in entirely, so you must learn to resist the discomfort of itching. Furthermore, you should void shaping or trimming your facial hair during the first month since the growth rate vary on different sections of your face.

Tips on Growing Facial Hair

Now that you know the basics on how to grow facial hair, it is time to apply these techniques to produce favorable results. After a few weeks, you have probably grown thick facial hair that you can grow out into a beard or mustache. Avoid trimming your hair in certain areas such as your sides, cheeks and chin unless your goal is to grow a mustache. Nevertheless, you should leave some spaces around the mouth area, so you will not encounter problems when you need to shape and trim your mustache eventually.

If you have the need to trim your hair before the fourth weeks ends, you may do so by simply shaving some hair growing on your neck area just to maintain a neater appearance. Avoid shaving near the jawline since you will need to grow out these parts when you have plans of shaping this area eventually.

After you have reached the fourth week of growing out your facial hair, you may start using a beard trimmer or razor in defining certain areas of your face such as the cheek and neckline. Choose a single-blade razor for excellent control, but never over trim your hair at this point. You only need to cut off some of your hair without overdoing it.

Additional Tips

If you can hardly deal with the growth period that lasts for four week or so, you may consult a barber who can do your beard's or mustache's initial styling. The barber may also create some outlines or suitable style for your beard, and just perform the original styling of your mustache and beard by maintaining their neat and attractive appearance.


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