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How To Increase Your Hair Growth Naturally With Biotin

Updated on January 20, 2013

Hair Vitamins Will Increase Hair Growth

If you’re like most people, you are concerned with the quality of your hair. After all, hair says a lot about you. For thousands of years hair has been the source of inspiration and obsession of owners and observers alike.

But what if you are losing your hair? What if your hair is thinning? What if your hair has stopped growing? Is there anything you can do about it?

Well, its 2012 and there is no reason for you to go bald today. There is also no reason for you to have horrible, dry hair. The truth is, that If you take an active approach and make a modest investment in time, you can have great hair.

Let me explain:

Hair Growth: Let’s take it from the beginning

Most people love their hair, but for some reason they don’t know much about hair growth. Let’s break it down for you. Each hair is always in one of three growth cycles.

  • The Growth Phase
  • The Transitional Phase
  • The Resting Phase

During each phase, a small little known nutrient is playing a key role. Biotin, another essential vitamin, much like its more popular cousins of Vitamin D or Vitamin A, is crucial to your body. (Biotin has specific functions which we will get to later.)

The growth phase can last about eight years. (Some estimates are six years, while others say eight years. The actual length may vary slightly from person to person, their level of health and their age.) This is time that your hair “grows.” What obviously matters in this phase is the length of time of the growth phase and the quality of growth. The shorter the growth phase, the shorter you hair will be. Sometimes, this growth phase stops at a certain period or time and is unable to grow beyond a specific period.

The Transitional phase is the shortest phase, but it triggers your hair to thin and shrink a bit before it goes into a resting phase.”

The resting phase is the phase by which no growth is occurring. This period can last for up to year or two, but generally about six months. During this phase, your hair is at a stand-still. It is being held on to your scalp by the strength of your hair follicle.

After the last phase, a natural shedding occurs, which your follicle begins to create a new hair.

Alpha Renew Hair Growth Vitamins
Alpha Renew Hair Growth Vitamins

Where does biotin (Vitamin H) fit in?

Biotin is an essential vitamin that triggers hair growth and provides extra strength to the hair follicle. A lack of biotin can affect every single hair phase. During the growth phase, for example: If you don’t have enough biotin, the hair growth phase will be cut short; the hair will also be thinner and subject to breakage and split ends.

If you have extra biotin, your hair production goes into overdrive: Increasing the length and thickness of your hair. Another familiar example that we see is muscle building: And increase protein or amino acids in your diet, chances are your muscle mass will also increase with your training.

What About The Texture of Your Hair?

The changing texture of hair depends on one thing: a lack of biotin. Just like you lose bone density as you get older, you lose hair texture. To stop bone loss and to maintain a youthful texture to your hair, you need to take a supplement. A biotin supplement that is able to be absorbed.

Biotin, therefore, will help you maintain your youthful hair texture. If you are suffering from “old” hair, biotin will help you get the beautiful hair back you used to have!

Biotin and General Health:

Okay, so Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins with Biotin can help increase hair growth and the quality of hair. What else can it do?

Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins with biotin also can help with other important health factors, including:

  • Breaking down the fats we eat
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Helping Rid the Body of Toxins
  • Proving support to fetus nervous system development

Why Alpha Renew Hair Vitamin with over 1000% Biotin?

Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins with Biotin offers the highest biotin supplementation available anywhere – which can be absorbed. After all, what is the purpose of having biotin, if it can be absorbed? Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins have perfected the absorption of biotin problem that producers experienced for years.

Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins Offers:

  • A High Quality and Safe Hair Vitamin
  • Natural Increased Hair Growth
  • Natural Increased Skin Support
  • More Affordable than Other Brands

So What are We To Do?

We need to ensure that we get enough biotin in our system. Biotin (Vitamin H) is a water-soluble vitamin, which means, you need to consistently replenish it as it doesn't stay in your body very long. However, you should know that while it is in your body your body, it reside in your colon, which means that if a good and healthy supply of probiotics is essential to your hair health.

There are some great foods that you should consider eating to promote and grow healthy hair:

Yogurt - essential for healthy hair growth. Biotin is stored in the intestinal tracks and depend on your healthy supply of friendly bacteria.

Kale and Leafy Veggies - provides essential vitamins for absorption. This is key. Your body needs to be able to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Black Beans - protein, fiber (for a healthy colon), and vitamin C.

To supplement your intake of Biotin, MSM, and other essential vitamins and minerals for absorption with Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins.

What Foods to Avoid;

Alcohol/Sugars - Sugars in alcohol can cause havoc in you colon as it destroys the flora of friendly bacteria that allows vitamins like biotin and Vitamin K to work.

High Processed Foods - Anything that comes in a package can bulk up calories while not providing the vitamins that you need like biotin.

What Is Biotin?


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