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How To Look Great In Lingerie Without Liposuction

Updated on October 13, 2009

She looks great, so can you!

This is a lingerie article for the ladies. And when I say ladies, I mean the over 20's who aren't teens anymore and have developed the full feminine figures which seem to be so unpopular right now. Real women have curves. Real women have cellulite (even Misha Barton has a cellulite problem, and she's a tiny little thing). Real women have a little bit of fat on their tummies – you can even see runway models sporting a little bump above the panty line. Real women often shudder at the idea of being seen in lingerie, which is sad, because the mature female body is as much a thing of beauty as the stick figures which are plastered across every billboard and television screen in the country.

Being a 'real' woman and looking good in lingerie seems to be a paradox unless one is a member of a very small club. In some ways men who wear lingerie can actually have it easier as their bodies run more quickly to toned muscle and their incidence of cellulite is low.

There is hope though. Hope tempered with realism.

Briefs, hi cut panties and boy shorts will all make a woman look slimmer than thongs, tanga panties and other panty styles cut to be slim and skimpy. Anything that covers that wee abdominal bulge will help you to look slim and feel great.

Stockings are your friend. During the World Wars stockings were a black market item. Women clamored for those things. Why? Because a nice pair of stockings can turn a cellulite riddled thigh into a smooth shapely curve. Stockings can feel good too, (as long as you get the right size), and very little feels more feminine than slipping into a pair of stockings or hose.

If you're a fuller figured woman, bras are your friend. Not only do they provide support, but they present your bosom to its greatest advantage. A good supportive bra will lift your breasts, providing them with definition. It will also visually slim your waist by providing contrast between the roundness of your chest and the relative slimness of your waist.

If you are uncomfortable showing your tummy, opt for a teddy. These sexy lingerie items can be teamed with a pair of stockings and suspenders to make any woman of any body type look hot.

Fashion comes and goes in cycles. Marilyn Monroe would be considered a fat chick by today's standards. Instead of trying to be something you're not, enjoy the one life time you have in the body you find yourself in. Beauty isn't just skin deep, it is subjective and fickle. Never be afraid to indulge your sexuality because you don't feel that you meet the arbitrary criteria which have been set for the masses by our media overlords. Don't buy into the myth, buy into yourself.


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    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Oh I agree, but as a woman, one does get sick of seeing what frankly I would call teenage figures being paraded as the healthy, sexy ideal. People do become conditioned by only seeing actresses and models who are physically abnormal paraded as being the 'hot' ones. This does make women who have more naturally curvy figures feel inadequate. There is a whole industry dedicated purely to sucking fat out of the asses and thighs of women who are in denial about what their bodies should look like.

      If you eat well and exercise and you still have curves, that's because you're supposed to have them, not because you need liposuction!

      /end rant

    • LatexLeah profile image

      LatexLeah 9 years ago

      Never did see anything wrong with curves myself.

    • profile image

      iloveps 9 years ago

      the "real woman" figure is not unpopular with men. it is just unpopular with women.

      I saw a study a few months ago that showed men and women different sized women according to dress size and they were suppose to pick the most desirable (or one they though men desired most).

      the men picked women who would fit a size 12 dress and the women picked a size 8. with the actual national average being 13 (not an actual size but an average)

      men love the "real" female figure, women unfortunatly dont.

      as a strait male i can say bring on the curves! skinny is nice but it isnt anything better than a soft curvy figure.

      i just wished more women were as cool about men an lingerie as you Hope!