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How To Look Older With Makeup

Updated on November 20, 2011

It is commonly believed that every woman likes to look younger and hence women have found millions of ways for this. But the tragedy is for those girls or women who look too young, much younger than what there actual age is and therefore have to face many problems. Such girls sometime get irritated when someone tells them that they look just fourteen while they are nineteen or twenty. This makes one feel like killing everyone for this as at that age you like to look matured and of your age.

Sometimes when a girl is in her mid or late twenties and goes out to look for a job, fails to get one, just because she doesn’t look like her age. So the employers are not much motivated to hire her because they may not feel confident about her capabilities due to her appearance. The agony or crisis through which that girl goes through could only be understood by her.

There are millions of ways and products available to make one look younger, but no products to make one look older. So, women like I discussed above face the problem of finding something that might help them look mature.

So all of you out there who have this problem of looking too young than your actual age, I have come up with a kind of solution for your problem i.e. Look older using make up. Yes, if people can make themselves look younger with make up you can make yourself look older with it too.

You can follow these easy steps and use just some makeup tricks to look older which will definitely boost your confidence among other girls of your age:

Hiding Your Acne

First thing you need to do is to cover your acne if you have on your face using a foundation. Even if you don’t have them, still try applying the foundation, as it will work out to be good for you.

Acne will always make one look like a teenager, so it becomes quite necessary to use cover stick or foundation to cover up all your pimples. With the base applied, it would portray a clean smooth impact of your skin to others. From here you will start feeling the change in you. You will appear mature.

Work On Your Cheeks

Next you have to come to your cheeks. Take a blusher with a darker tone and create contours on your cheeks. Actually when you have a rounded face or your cheeks are a little filled one, it will make you look younger. So using a blush on to create curves in your cheeks will give you the desired appearance.

Like I mentioned earlier, also use a darker tone blusher in the area under the cheek bones, this will give a look as if your cheeks are sunken in. Now use a lighter tone on the areas above the cheek bones. This will make the effect of lower part more prominent. This contour creation would definitely make you look a few years older than your appearance.

Work On Your Nose

To look older the next feature of your face that you need to work on is your nose. Make your nose look thin using blush and cover stick.

This will also add contour to your face. Use blush on the sides of your nose and the shade should be one tone darker than your skin tone. This will make your nose look thinner. Now take a gold or pale color highlighter and brush this a little on the bridge of your nose. This will create an effect of more dept around your nose making it look thinner and a little pointed.

Thin and pointed nose always enhances your features and brings on a mature woman look on your face.

Put The Right Lipstick

Now it’s turn to concentrate on your lips. Forget about the pink and other light shades of lipsticks. You need to apply dark shades. Dark lipsticks will make you look older. Apply an outline with a lip liner and than fill in the lipstick. Don’t use lip gloss in day time especially if you are a professional lady.

Eye Brows And Eye Lashes

If you have dark eye brows and thick healthy eye lashes, it will also help you in looking older. So if you don’t have them this way make them appear so.

Use eye pencil to darken your eyebrows but use the shade that is either a tone darker than your hairs or of same tone. But don’t overdo; else it will appear like artificial.

For eye lashes apply mascara a little heavily to make your lashes look healthy. Apply eye liner to line your upper lashes. Do not line the lower lashes as this is what teenagers do.

By using all the these tricks in your makeup you may make yourself appear years older. So this was the simple solution to your problem. Just be a little sensible while you do your makeup and you can get the desired results.

Makeup Tips To Make You Look Older


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    • profile image

      Julia 5 years ago

      The person who said she's tiny and gets mistaken for younger because she's 5'2, seriously. That's not short. I'm 4'10 and have no curves, as well as a young looking face. It absolutely sucks as everyone thinks I'm a joke when I do something mature or what people my age would and get treated like a little kid. Enjoy your height, tresa. 10 year olds are not usually 5'2. You're 14, 5'2 is not short. It's not short for an older woman either!


    • profile image

      Lilianna 5 years ago

      I am 18 and people still ask me what school do I go to. It is very annoying,"You look so young". I mean shut up, tell me that in ten years, not now. A truancy officer pulled up to me and asked me what I was doing driving. I was so ticked off. Thank you for the tips.

    • profile image

      Kelly 5 years ago

      I appreciate this a lot. I'm 29 and look about 17 max (I've gotten as young as 12). I'm about to graduate from college and I'd like to be taken seriously by potential employers. I'm only 4'10 with a baby face so I need a LOT of help.

    • profile image

      jess 5 years ago

      i am 16 and need to look 18 but i have no idea on how to make myself look older than i am most people see me and tell me i look 17 MAYBE 18 but i need people to look at me and think im old enough to get into a club what to do????

    • profile image

      Rose 5 years ago

      Thanks for the article! There aren't many videos/tutorials/articles for this issue. I hate being told I look 14 when I am 20. Who would want to be 14 again? That age only brings up the idea of immaturity in people's minds.

    • profile image

      mary 6 years ago

      Thank you! I just graduated college, and several employers have expressed concern about my age and "being so young" when interviewing.

    • profile image

      Nancy 6 years ago

      I hope this works for me. I am 20 years old and I hate that everybody tells me I look 15! I work at a nightclub and people look at me weird! One of my co-workers who is actually younger than me (she's 18) asked me how I got hired being so young!!! Can you believe that! SO FRUSTRATING!

    • profile image

      daija 6 years ago

      I am 18 and people always guess I am 12 or 13 so I always have a hard time when my friends or cousins go out partying so I always get called baby face or ain't you a little to young to be here but some people guess my age by looking at my body cause I got the boobs, butt and the coke bottle body is what everyone tells me its just my face but I'm hope this helps me out

    • profile image

      Sasha 6 years ago

      I'm 28 and people think I'm about 20 or a teenager based on my looks. They realize I'm older once I start talking but that is so annoying. I feel my looks are hindering me from getting relationships and being promoted at work.

    • profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      thanks for this, was helpful :) its really not nice when you get told you look 15 when your actually almost 22 :( actually embarrassing! especially when girls you know that are 18 look much older, hate that! lol

    • profile image

      Kitty 6 years ago

      I'm glad there's finally an article about looking older. I'm 24 and I've had kids around 12-14 years old think I'm 15, it's very frustrating.

    • profile image

      bella 6 years ago

      thanks for this, i look like i am about 13 and i'm 16 and now i'm at college i really want to look like i am at college and i dont really wear much make-up, but i do find that wearing black eye-liner on the top of my eyes helps (i am mixed-raced by the way) :-)

    • profile image

      tresa 6 years ago

      i am 14..but i look like a 10 year's not only because of my face(i have a rounded face),it's because of my height..i am 5'2"..i really need some help..all my cousins are very tall and they are teasing me...i really need some help!!

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      I'm 16, and 4'11"... I always get 8-12 because I'm tiny... Are there any other ways to appear older without makeup? I have no patience for it it all...

    • profile image

      yasmin 6 years ago

      Thanks for this!

      I'm 17 but people think I'm 13-14 and it's not my face. I have neither round checks or any features that seem young.

      It's my body ..I'm 152 cm (about 5 feet?) and I'm small..really tiny that's why! what can I do?

    • profile image

      Pastranja Hayes 6 years ago

      I am 18 but want to look at least 21 so I can get a little loose at the office nights out - if you know what I mean - this article is exactly what I've been looking for!

    • DM's Here4YOU profile image

      DM's Here4YOU 6 years ago

      These are great tips! You definetly know what you are doing. I would have never thought of that. and it's true... so many company's come out with makeup pacifically for the women that want to look younger... but what about vice versa? Very innovative hun. Keep up the good work. Your appreciated by many, including me. Good luck!! :)

    • profile image

      Casandra 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for this article. I am twenty nine and am constantly told I look very young. I m told I like look nineteen or twenty. Its very hard dating and getting a good job. Its very emotional for me. I really want to change my look.

    • profile image

      Lo 6 years ago

      I am going to try these things.. I am 21, and my face/hair/body looks all the same as it did when I was 15. I teach classes and work at a corporate office, and those that know me, know I do good.. But those that don't judge me and don't take me seriously. :o(

    • profile image

      chantel 7 years ago

      Thanks for the article! I'm 26 and have 3 children. People were always looking at me when I was pregnant and asking if my parents were dissapointed with me. I am always told I look 14-15. Another problem is that I'm only 4'9" People are always talking to me like a child and hopefully this will help!

    • profile image

      angela 7 years ago

      Anyone wanting to look older is crazy! I am 23 and love being told I look 15. I want to look this way forever! People take one seriously by conduct and manners never age appearance. You people may all go look like soccer moms before your time. I will look good, thank you.

    • profile image

      Melissa 7 years ago

      Yes I'm applying for jobs too. This helps. I'm in my later twenties and look like I'm only 20. People don't take me seriously for management positions once I'm in the door, but boy do they call me based on my resume!

    • profile image

      Pravda 7 years ago

      Thanks for the article - I am 24 and work in a corporate environment. I find that people don't take me seriously sometimes because I look so young. This helps, thanks.

    • profile image

      Jessica 7 years ago

      Im about to graduate from college and am applying for jobs but im worried people wont take me seriously because I look so young. some one recently guessed my age at 16 and im almost 22! Its really annoying... Ya it will benefit me later but i rather have a job right now! Hopefully this helps.

    • LSpel profile image

      Lydia McCarter 7 years ago from The Murder Mitten

      This was a great and interesting article. I am 22 almost 23 and people tell me I look 17 all the time. I suppose I'll appreciate that once I am older, but now its frustrating getting id'd for EVERYTHING. Thanks for the article!