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How To Make A Jaguar Costume

Updated on October 1, 2011

If you are one among people who is planning to make a jaguar costume, you have arrived to a right source. This article will tell you how to make a jaguar costume the easiest and fastest way. Once you are ready with the materials, you can start it out right away. So browse on the article, and appreciate how to make a jaguar costume the most convenient way.

In making a jaguar costume, you need few supplies and other materials. Be sure that you have a sewing machine, making this kind of costume entails sewing especially on the tail part. You will also need a jaguar or leopard fabric, fabric glue, stuffing, headband, pipe cleaners, black face paint, white felt and scissors. When you have all the materials, then you are now set to make one.

The first thing that you need to do is to cut out an oval shape using the felt paper. Be sure to make it sufficient in size that will be able to cover the front of the sweatshirt top. You need to glue it to the front of the sweatshirt then set aside to dry for one hour. The next step is for you to cut out several numbers of circles from the jaguar fabric measuring to about 1 inch in diameter. Four to five dozens of jaguar fabric circles will suffice. You need to glue the cut outs on the pants and shirts. Just do this randomly and be sure to follow the distribution of the jaguar spots. Be sure to allow these to dry for some time.  The next stop is for you to cut a piece of rectangular cloth from the jaguar fabric measuring 3 feet long and 5 inch wide. You need to sew the long side together after turning the fabric wrong side out. After this, you need to turn the tail right side out. You need to cut out a small size of fake fur that you need to sew to one of the short ends of the tail. Following this is for you to stuff the tail using stuffing and sew the other end of the tail back to the pants. When you are done, cut out four triangle shapes from the jaguar fabric. See to it that the cut out cloth is adequate enough to wrap around the top of the headband. Following this is for you to glue the ears on each side making sure that the right side faces out. This is where you can use the pipe cleaner to make the ear sturdy. After this, allow the jaguar costume to totally dry before wearing.

Upon wearing the costume, be sure to place black paint on the face of the wearer to complete the packaging. Don’t forget the whiskers. Jaguar costume is an ideal costume that can be worn to a costume party, Halloween and many other occasions. Just let you imagination works when making a jaguar costume then you’ll end up with a good quality jaguar costume. 

Jaguar Costume


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