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How To Have Longer and Thicker Fabulous Lashes

Updated on May 7, 2014
Longer eyelashes enhances your appearance while giving you a more useful appearance.
Longer eyelashes enhances your appearance while giving you a more useful appearance.

How To Have Beautiful Healthy Longer and Thicker Lashes

Longer and thicker lashes has always been a sign of beauty and youth. They make your whole appearance more pronounce. If you ever been envious of another long eyelashes do your research before moving forward. There are many companies that claim to make you lashes longer but actually the only way you are getting longer lashes is by applying extensions.

Growing Long Eyelash Products

There are eyelash growth enhancement serums that will stop your lashes from falling out allowing them to thicken. It is not likely for anyone to grow longer lashes than their genetic makeup suggest.

Idol Lashes is one product that comes to mind that advertises in a more honest way about the expectations of its eyelash and eyebrow product. I believe that is what is making their business soar threw the roof.

Eyelash mascara enhancing product. The product will coat your lashes causing it to become thinker and longer in seconds adding fibers and product in layers. We are all familiar with this! $1 to $45 +

Buy Eyelash Extensions

  1. Professional lash application. I have already told you that you can have longer and thicker eyelashes with extension lashes. They can be applied individual by a professional. The application can take up to 2 hours. The professional is normally licensed and is thoroughly trained to safely apply tne artificial eyelashes on each of your eyelashes one by one. This can cost well over $100.
  2. Individual lashes in 15 minutes. This is done quickly and without the same precision. The individual lash is place with eyelash adhesive onto your eyelashes for a minimal fee. I've seen it done for $25 in an Atlanta GA mall!
  3. Strip Lashes are applied in a strip with adhesion. This is wonderful for very exotic people because of the many colors and designs. This is also very cost effective and easily done at home in minutes with practice. When first bought their may be a sticky substance that will you to apply your lashed right away. $3.99 is not bad at all!

Featured Product: Benefits To Idol Lash Product

  • Idol Lash product is priced very reasonable and easy to use.
  • No harsh irritating chemicals to damage the eyes.
  • Fuller, longer and darker eyelashes.
  • Natural Product Association
  • Honey, chamomile,kelp and more natural ingredients.

If you noticed I added longer and darker eyelashes in the benefits. The testing showed that many women have noticed longer and darker eyelashes which is great, but I believe that the less shedding you do the darker your lashes will automatically appear as far as longer, I will soon let you know how my eyelashes turn out.

As you can see having longer and thicker lashes is a serious matter and many companies are making millions if not billions in the eyelash market. Please share what product have worked or not worked for you and what your experiences were. It will be interesting to see the results.


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