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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Keep It Healthy

Updated on August 30, 2012

What is hair made of?

Simply put, our hair is made of cells. These cells contain a protein known as keratin. Each hair strand has three different layers. The inner layer is called the medulla, the middle layer is called the cortex, and the outer layer, the cuticle.

Everyday causes of hair damage

  • The use of hair appliances

Try to avoid the use of hair dryers and flat irons. The heat dries out your hair, and using a flat iron also contributes to hair breakage. If you really need to blow dry your hair, do so using the coolest setting.

  • Washing your hair too often

This will result in your hair losing it's natural oils, and then dries it out. But what if you have oily hair and NEED to wash it ever day? If this is the case, start out with washing your hair ever second day. Tie it up the days you skip a wash to hide the oiliness. Your hair will become use to not being washed ever day, and will not build up oil as quick as it used to. Continue with this until you've realized that there's no need to wash your hair every day anymore. Then skip two days, and tie your hair on the second day until it's use to that as well. This might take a while to work, but it does. Eventually.

  • Brushing your hair when it's wet

Our hair tend to break easier when it's wet or damp, due to it being more elastic when wet. It's not a must to brush your hair after a wash. Rather let it dry by itself, and then brush it to avoid further breakage.

  • Washing your hair with hot water

Hot water washes away your natural oils, leaving your hair to become dry and brittle. It also makes your hair frizzy. Rather wash with cold water. It closes the hair cuticle (the outer layer), sealing in moisture, which results in your hair being shiny and appearing healthier.

Now, I would have added a few tips on how you could repair damaged hair, but the truth is... you can't (so you will not be reading about that), you can only try to maintain it. If your hair is damaged, it's damaged.

Have a careful read through this and also keep the causes of damaged hair in mind for the future. Actually try some of these methods, and I promise that the results would, for a change, be the expected.

I would first suggest you get a hair cut. Even if it's only the ends. Your split ends won't go away, neither will any treatment do the trick. It can't magically merge the split ends together again. All that treatment/shampoo/conditioner does is make your hair stronger so that it wont break or split as easily.

After you have cut your hair, try to eliminate what damages your hair on a daily bases.

So this is where the interesting part comes in... Ever wondered why you get a head massage when you go to the hair salon? To help you relax? Just as a treat? Nope. Massaging your scalp actually promotes hair growth. Applying some pressure to your scalp while brushing your hair will have a similar effect. When washing your hair, massage your scalp for about 3 minutes, although you should try to massage your scalp at least once a day.

Washing your hair with horse shampoo also promotes hair growth, and it strengthens your hair like no other product I have ever used. I wash my hair twice a week with horse shampoo, and it looks like it's growing three times faster than it used to. I was one of the unfortunate people who's hair lengthened with about 4cm (1.5 inches) a year, due to breakage and all. But I have none of these problems anymore.

So just think about how fast your hair could grow if you were to combine it all - massaging the scalp, using horses shampoo, cutting down on the use of heat-based appliances, washing your hair in cold (or at least lukewarm) water and brushing it when it's dry. It can only work out well.


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