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How To Make Your Tan Look More Noticable

Updated on December 14, 2015

Glowing Skin

White Bikini
White Bikini
Soak Up The Sun
Soak Up The Sun
Bronze Skin
Bronze Skin

You laid out at the beach or pool all day. You got a nice tan, but you're not as dark as you want to be. How do you make the little bit of sun on your skin stand out more? You can do this by wearing certain colored clothing, and certain colored makeup.

  • If you are feeling totally 80's then neon colors like bright pink, yellow, orange and green will definitely pop against brown skin.
  • Light colors or pastels. Like lime green, light blue, baby pink, soft yellow. Clothing or jewelry in these colors will make you appear darker. Floridians are good about that.
  • Corals, Or orangey reds. Instead of pink or dark red lips try a coral shade.
  • Now if you have really white skin don't wear white because it washes you out. BUT when you are really tan its ok to wear brown. It just makes you seem more toasted.
  • Golds. Gold jewelry will sizzle with a tan. Or gold eyeshadow if you are feeling spicy.
  • Blue and tan skin together is very Greek/Mediterranean. Dark blue tops with gold eyeshadow will be a very hot combination.
  • The best color to enhance your tan is white. White is the brightest color. Though I wouldn't wear white eyeshadow. Maybe a shimmer highlight color for your eyes. A white dress and gold sandals will make you look like a Greek Goddess. But if you want to go more daring bright red or coral sandals.

I hope you enjoyed this. I recently went to the beach and I'm not as tan as I could be or wish to be. I've been trying to find ways to make the tan I do have look better, so I thought I would lend some ideas I ran across.


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    • profile image

      Tia! 4 years ago

      Enjoyed reading this! Helpful and funny. Greek goddess lol