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How To Mystic Tan Tips: Sunless Tanning

Updated on October 15, 2010

There are some that want the golden bronze tan natural look, without actually having to use a tanning bed. Sunless tanners such as the Mystic Tanning booth were made just for these people looking for UV free tanning. A sunless lotion will change the color of the skin, without harming it with UVA and UVB rays.

The ultimate in sunless tanning is the Mystic tan. It is a spray on tan treatment that is done in a Mystic tanning booth. You can find these UV free tanning booths at almost all major tanning salons. Instead of laying under hot lamps, this is a UV free way to get a tan fast. Using an application that produces an airbrush like motion that can make a natural, streak free tan. Depending on the location and tanning salon. Mystic tan is available in both ClearMyst for a sun kissed summer tan look, or BronzMyst for the darker bronzed look.

What is great about the Mystic tan is that you don't have to prepare weeks in advance when you have an event coming up. Go just twice the week before a wedding, party, or event and you'll be ready with a stellar sun kissed bronzed tan.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can use a mystic tanning booth, but for great resulting color, go twice the first week, the second session 4 days after the first. Then maintain by going back evrey 7 to 10 days. If you prefer to go darker you can book more tanning sessions. No one will be able to tell the difference between a Mystic tan, and a tan achieved with the use of a tanning bed or outside in the sun.

Mystic Tan Instructional Video

How Does Mystic Tanning Work.

The Mystic tan works by emmitting a complete safe electromagnetic fog of the best sunless tanning formula. Because you are stepping on grounded plates, your skin is attracted to this fog like a magnet allowing the fog to adhere to your skin evenly.

When you are done, you will walk out of the mystic tanning booth looking the same color as when you went in. Over a period of about 5 hours, the sunless tanning spray that has adhered to your skin begins going through a process of oxidation (This is why it is crucial to not wash off or exercise for at least 5 hours) which changes the color of your skin much the way an apple changes colors after it is cut open and left out for some time.

You will see results the first time. Serious results! Think 5 to 7 medium pressure tans kind of results. Repeat this process about 4 days later for a great looking tan that will last for about 7 to 10 days. Use some Maintainer cream to get it to last even longer.

Before Going For The Sunless Tanning

To prepare your skin for a Mystic tan, remember these tanning tips. Massage your skin thoroughly at home in the morning to remove the dead layers of skin with a exfoliating scrub. Mystic tan has a fantastic exfoliator to prepare for the sunless tanning application called Exfoliant in Juniper Breeze.

The purpose of using an exfoliant and removing the dead skin cell layer is to bring the healthy layers of skin to the surface. This will allow the sunless tanning application to adhere better to you skin and will also help the great results last. Do not exfoliate again until you are ready to do another Mystic tan

For even longer lasting results, Mystic Tan Maintainer is a fantastic body lotion loaded with essential vitamins, and brazilian seaweed extract. Use this after every shower for as long as desired.

 mystic tanning booth
mystic tanning booth

How To Prepare For The Mystic Tan

  • Remove all clothing and jewelry. Clothing will stain if left on.
  • Use appropriate tanning eyewear protection, nose filters, foot caps, and tanning caps to protect hair. The tanning salon will provide most of this. Call ahead if you are not sure. Usually you will have to provide your own eyewear or purchase from the salon.
  • If you want a fun temporary body art you can use tanning stickers to get a cool effect and really see the difference in your before and after mystic experience.
  • Use a lip balm to avoid tanning the lips. Beeswax is best.
  • Use a barrier cream (provided at salon) to top and sides of feet as well as in between toes. You will also want to apply the barrier cream to the entire hands, including the under the nails and cuticles.

mystic tanning results
mystic tanning results

The Mystic Tan Experience

I have been taught by the tanning salon employee's that using indoor tanning lotion and doing a UV bed tan prior to a Mystic will give even better results. My favorite tanning lotions to use are Diamond Diva and Golden Diva. But, if your not ready to commit $20+ to a tanning lotion, you can start with sample tanning packets For those who do Mystic to protect your skin, don't worry you don't have to do it this way.

The Mystic Tan experience goes really quickly. You walk into the tanning booth and undress. Apply the Barrier cream to all the right places and then close your eyes and push the green button. The sprays starts at your feet and works up. Every time it heads back down, you take a breath through your nose. When the spray stops, turn around and do the same process. It lasts for about 2 minutes, if that.

Do not inhale with your mouth because you'll get a mouthful of the taste of the spray, which isn't bad, but isn't something I want to consume. When you step out, wipe off the barrier cream and get dressed. Don't shower or work out for 4 hours and your set to go. You will actually see your skin change color the very first time. For better color, go for two sessions the first week you start to Mystic tan, 4 days apart.

Try Bio Tan At Home Instead

Thinking about tanning at home instead? For less then the cost of 5 mystic tans, you can get your hands on CellexC Bio Tan Sunless Tanning Gel

  • unlike other self tanners, there isn't the odor associated with self tanning lotions
  • The color appears smooth and blends instead of leaving patch marks.
  • User can anticipate results in 3 days of use
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Use Bio-Tan Sunless Tanning Gel as much or as little to maintain the level of tan that you prefer


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    • profile image

      Linda 7 years ago

      Mystic Tanning booths are UV free that's good news because UV radiations are supposed to cause cancer. Tanning is only to look beautiful.

    • profile image

      lotiontown 7 years ago

      The Mystic Sunless tanning booths really changed the indoor tanning industry. It totally amazes me how many different companies offer a sunless tanning lotion now.

    • profile image

      vcc 7 years ago

      great review and extremely helpful. I'm very excited to get this done!