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How To Pick The Perfect Dress For A Beauty Or Scholarship Pageant

Updated on September 23, 2009

Beauty Pageant

Rachel Ross
Rachel Ross
Amber Garrod
Amber Garrod

Beauty Pageant Dresses

So many new pageant contestants fall prey to the idea that any dress will do or that only an expensive dress will win. The truth is that the dress should match the type of pageant and your body. This guide is made for junior teens and up.

1. Type of pageant-

Are you competing in a glitz/pro am pageant or a natural/scholarship pageant. Miss USA pageant is a bit different so if you are competing in that pageant, I will cover that in the next paragraph. Glitz/Pro Am pageants tend to be the type of pageant that you want more beads. You want to go for the more decorated style dresses. Just about any dress is acceptable but I would stay away from revealing pageant dresses. Remember, these pageants tend to have younger children competing.

Miss USA- Dresses tend to be form fitting and bold. Sometimes they are revealing. If you win state, you won't have to worry about choosing a dress as they will choose one with you. Take a look at the past local winner to get an idea of what type of dress they won in.

Natural/Scholarship- Read the rules carefully. I have judged these pageants and we will mark down points if you do something your not suppose to. Natural and Scholarship pageants tend to have some rules such as only one color, no slits above knee, no open back. Read each rule carefully, and if you have to, make a list to take when you go shopping for your formal gown.

2. Dress for your body-

Many girls make the mistake of buying a dress just because the dress is gorgeous. This is another mistake I have noticed as a judge. You do not have to buy an expensive dress. Find one that is right for your body. Not too big nor too tight. It shouldn't show your shoes nor should you be tripping on it. If you are uncomfortable in your dress, find a new one. It shows on stage no matter how hard you try to hide it. When you go to buy your dress, take at least 3 people with you. Have them tell you their HONEST opinion. If they don't think that it works for you, don't make excuses. I also hate to mention it, but more than likely, your mom is right. Mom's tend to be more critical if they are telling an honest opinion. Just remember, judges are more than likely parents or their ages are close to your parents. If not, they are seasoned pageant competitors and winners.

Walk around in your dress in the store for about 10 to 15 minutes to see if it causes any sore spots or becomes uncomfortable. If everyone that you brought, plus the sales people LOVE it, then your good to go. It is possible that you will have to search in a few different stores until you find the right dress. However, that will be very worth it if it is perfect for your body.

Judges are looking for that one thing to mark you down as we can't give everyone a perfect score. Don't let your dress be that one thing that marks you down.


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