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How To Put Make Up On

Updated on November 12, 2011

Putting on makeup sometimes becomes a big deal, especially when you are not used to putting makeup while going some where out, because many girls usually stay away from taking time to make their face look good and instead just use a gloss on their lips.

But, at times when you are invited on a big occasion such as wedding, or birthday party and you want to dress up formally then putting makeup would be necessary. And not always would you require to visit a good beauty saloon and pay all those extra dollars for the occasion.

Knowing how to put make up on your own face is really important. Some women even get a cheap make up from some odd beauty parlours, but to be honest most of them look like a complete disaster and its way better to do it your self then waste money on them. So here are some easy makeup tips which you can do without the help of any other person.

Face Wash and Moisturizer

Start with the face wash, gently wash your face with the face wash you use and dry your face with a towel. Always avoid using face dryer as they are not good for your skin.

It is important to use every product of good quality, and by good quality here I mean is the one which suits your skin type. Now after washing the face you can go for moisturizing, remember moisturizer is the key of your good makeup.

So use it wisely, apply it on face and gently massage in upward direction on the face, massage till all the moisturizer absorbs in the skin.

Base and the Concealer

Don’t think here I am talking about the base or foundation of a building, surely I am pointing out the base or the foundation we use in makeup. This is the most important element of our makeup, as base will give us protection from sunrays and the air pollution which is not good for our skin.

So when buying foundation always gets one which gives sunscreen protection. Now apply it on your face and do apply on the whole surface of face equally. You can also apply it with the help of sponge given in the pack.

After making sure that you are done with base and your face looks fine now it’s time you can conceal all your blemishes with the help of concealer. Usually most of the girls apply it before the base, but I think the better result we would get when we apply it after the base.

Face Powder

It is good to apply some sort of face powder it will protect your skin from sweating. Do not over apply face powder as a slight touch will do the job fine.

Also do remember to apply it with the help of a brush, and always in the downward direction. This will give a light and matte effect which is mostly in the fashion, and will do good for every age and skin type.

Eye makeup

The most important in the whole course of makeup is your eye makeup, if it goes good it means you will look gorgeous, but if it doesn’t then you will loose your evening. So do concentrate more while doing this crucial part of face.

You need to choose eye shade just according to your dress and then apply on the eyelid. If you want darker tone then use dark shade, otherwise you can go for light tones. Apply eye shades gently and try to use the softest brush as it will give you more clean results.

Another important step is to apply eyeliner. There are two types of eyeliners one is liquid the other is pencil; it’s up to you which one you apply. If you want a look of bit smoky then pencil would do, but if you want clean and clear eyeliner then apply the liquid one.

However, you need to be very cautious while applying the liner, be it liquid or pencil. In both the forms there are chances of smudging, so be careful with this.

If you want your eyes to look wide then do apply eyeliner more over the lid. This will make your eyes look wider and will enhance your features.

Now it is the time to put on mascara the most exciting feature for your eyes, but yes before that if you want to give your lashes a curly effect than it is good to use a lash curler. This curler will easily curl your lashes for longer period and give your lashes amazing new look. So after curling now apply mascara on your lower lash first and then on the upper one.

Blush on and Lipstick

The best idea of applying blushes on your cheeks is to apply in upward motion. Again the color should be one which is according to your color theme you have chosen for your makeup and dress. Gently apply it, making it blend on the cheeks.

Now the last item is lipstick, this also varies with the color of your dress however, for girls it is good to use light pink color lipstick or only gloss will do best if you are not going to a formal occasion or gathering.

A Make Up Tutorial In Less Than 5 Minutes


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      your skin is beautifulll!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks now I'm going to try and win over the guy I like

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This is soooo good !! I had a date and it made me look really pretty!!! Well, let's just say the date turned into a still alive romance!!!


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