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How To Get Rid Of Blackheads - 5 Best Ways To Remove Blackheads

Updated on April 2, 2015

Using the right cleansers and toners will keep your skin healthy, clear and balanced.

The worst thing ever is to know you have unsightly blackheads in your skin and are helpless to do anything about it. Not that you haven't tried, but because everything you try fail.

Many of us know what it feels like to have blackheads (comedons) on your skin when you least expect them. These embarrassing deposits of oils blacken in our pores when exposed to air. We tend to not notice until there are too many. Removing them seems to be endless because they keep coming back.

The first thing to do is stop using products and habits that create the blackheads in the first place and keeping skin balanced with a skin toner to prevent the skin from getting flaky, damaged pores, redness and other adverse affects of imbalanced skin. Then you will finally enjoy smoother, clearer and more beautiful skin.

What Causes Blackheads on Your Face?

Black heads are thickened oil and debris in the pores of the face skin. The oil is thicker in peoples skin that don't drink enough water to keep hydrated. Hydrated skin is more pliable and easy to extract blackheads.

Keeping the skin and pores clean with good pore cleansing washes will help prevent build up of skin cells, debris and oils. Using natural healthy oils sparingly on ethnic skin will not clog the pores. Never use lotions or products that clog the skin and

  • olive oil
  • coco butter
  • shea butter

5 Ways to Remove and Prevent Blackheads

  1. Use good face cleansers that clean the oils and kill bacteria from the pores. I strongly recommend Clarifying cleanser by Murad to keep your pores clean and an enzyme mask 2 or 3 times a week if you have acne.
  2. Cut back on oily food that can cause your skin to produce more oil.
  3. Keep your faces Ph balance slightly acidic by using a toner made for your skin type. Balanced skin will allow skin to perform better and benefit more from your skin care product which allow your skin from adverse effect such as inflamed blackheads.
  4. Exfoliate your skin 2 times a week to remove the dead skin cells and keep them from clogging and rolling under you skin causing blackheads and milia (small bumps under skin).
  5. Use products that are noncomedogenic (non-clogging to pores).

Use Mask A Couple Times A Week To Prevent Blackheads

How to Remove Stubborn Blackheads

Removing your blackheads from your face is not as scary as it sounds. Just make sure that you clean your face thoroughly before you began and do not damage your skin. Removing you blackheads should not hurt; if it does you can be damaging your skin.

  1. Steam your face. Steaming your face will soften the oils beneath the service. You can steam an enzyme treatment mask from Murad for 5 minutes to soften oils to make extractions (blackhead removal) easier.
  2. Remove mask with damp towel and proceed with removing your blackheads. Cover your clean fingers with damp cotton to prevent damage from nails.
  3. Press skin with pressure to gently nudge the blackhead and oils from your skin. The pressure is used around the blackheads to extract the sebum out of the skin. Allow the worm like tissue to come all the way out without wiping away to prevent any being left inside of the skin. Use this same type of pressure on your forehead and other areas of your face. On the nose you want to hold bottom firm and slide top finger downward to extract oils.
  4. Use a facial toner that is made for oily skin to re-balance the skin and prevent adverse reaction. You should not press skin no more than 10 minutes to prevent swelling to the face. Be especially gentle if you have couperose (rosacea, broken capillaries) skin.

Doing extractions after using good facial cleansers and exfoliates on your face once or twice a week will keep your skin glowing and clear and free of blackheads. You must also use quality moisturizers that are not clogging. You can now remove your blackheads like a pro. Help yourself and someone you know that have blackheads.

Fun Blackhead Removal Tip

Did you know that you could use non toxic elmers glue as a blackhead strip? Just apply a thin layer with a popscicle stick and allow to dry. Remove and see the nasty blackheads and impurities in the strip!

Using to much at one time will not allow it to dry fast. It will take about 3-5 minutes!


As you can see, using the proper skin care products with a good skin care regimen will help you control and rid yourself of blackheads. Remember, it is important to keep your body hydrated so the oils secreting from your pores are thinner and your skin is able to work more efficiently; however, steam will enable your oils to loosen for easier removal.

Hopefully you are running to see what is the best way to remove your blackheads fast. Living with unsightly blackheads take a toll on our self esteem more than we know. People aren't aware of what causes blackheads and that lack of knowledge can cause a bad situation to get worse. Keep your face free of debris and wash it several times a day with the proper facial cleaners. Hopefully your journey to finding the best method to remove your blackheads is over.


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