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How To Curl A Synthetic Wig-Curling Synthetic Wigs

Updated on February 24, 2012

Curl Your Synthetic Wig

How To Style Your Synthetic Wig

How to curl your synthetic wig into incredible fresh looks can save you money and embarrassment. There are many trying to get all the mileage they can out of their ratty hair piece when all they have to do is learn how to properly re-curl their synthetic wig and hair pieces.

It is difficult to tell others that their hair can be fixed in public but hopefully the information online like this hub will descreetly help others facing difficult hair issues. If your patient you can restyle your own synthetic wig, braids or hair pieces.

Getting a fresh new style out of your worn wigs is not difficult when you know what to do. All it will take is you to understand that synthetic fibers will react to adverse heat. The same way it react to the heat and friction by your neck .

Experiment on an old wig you feel has no purpose or by a cheap one to practice with. It's best for you to experiment before going into public with your new styles. Here are a few tools you will need before curling your synthetic wig.

Tools For Curling Your Synthetic Wig

  • wig
  • comb
  • wig brush
  • large comb
  • clamps
  • rollers
  • rubber bands
  • spray bottle
  • large bowl
  • boiling water
  • towels

Directions To Curling A Synthetic Wig

  1. Detangle your clean synthetic wig with a large wig brush.
  2. Section off hair with clamps to prevent confusion.
  3. Set all hair on rollers until you have completed the whole head. You can use a family member as a prop , use a wig head or even have the wig on your own head.
  4. Pour boiling water into your large bowl and submerge the entire wig for 3 minutes (after) removing from your head of course.
  5. You will now pour out hot water and slowly replace with cool water or spray wig with cool water while in empty sink or bowl.
  6. Place cooled wig into dry towel to absorb water. You may end up using sever towels depending on how long the hair is.
  7. You can gently remove rollers and allow to dry naturally or place on wig head or upright paper towel holder until dry. Congrats, you have just re-curled your synthetic wig!

Now that you know the basics you can experiment on different techniques. You can use different shape rollers or use different size braids to achieve new looks. You can even detangle and dip a curly wig in boiling water to straight it out to make it more manageable before making your new style.

No more embarrassing and tangled wigs for you. Now instead of cutting away damaged snarly hair you can curling it yourself. You now know how to curl your synthetic wig and can now save money by extending your current wig usage.


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