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How To Sell Dental Gold

Updated on September 12, 2014


Selling dental gold is no different than selling any other scrap piece of gold. Dental gold buyers are going to offer you a price for your item based on its purity and its weight. While selling dental gold online is no different than selling another type of gold, read below to find out more information on the process.

Step 1: Collect Your Dental Gold

The first step to earning money for your dental gold is to collect the items that you are going to sell. Along with the gold that your are selling, find any documents or information that you have for your items (we'll go over why this is important in Step 2). Once you have collected the pieces that you are going to sell, it is now time to look for a dental gold buyer that will provide you with a good overall experience throughout the process.

Here is a brief list of some restorations that may be of value:
Porcelain Fused Metal
Porcelain Fused Gold

Tip: If you are looking to make more money off of selling dental gold there are some ways in which you can acquire more restorations. Dental restorations do not have any use after they are removed and rarely provide people with any sentimental value. Because of these things, it can usually be acquired for free.

Here are some ways to find dental gold:

Ask Friends and Family - Start by asking the people you know and you may be surprised to see just how many people keep these items.

Call Local Dentists - Even dentists are unaware that the precious metals that make up dental restorations can be worth something. Some save these items and are willing to give them away for free.

Buy Dental Gold - If you have a good understanding of the value of the item, then you can purchase a piece if you know that the return will be greater than what you bought it for.

You will be surprised at the amount of people who keep their restorations yet are willing to give them away for free. Get creative in how you can find gold and keep in mind the expected return on different items to make sure that you remain profitable.

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Step 2: Estimate The Value

In order to maximize the return for your dental gold, it is important to have a good idea of what your items are worth. In Step 1, I mentioned that having documented information on your dental restoration could be important. Because some times dental implants are a combination of precious metals, it can be hard for someone without the proper knowledge or resources to accurately determine a value. With documentation, you might have the content of your item in percentages that would look something like this:

12k Gold: 47%
Palladium: 29%
Porcelain: 24%

By weighing the item and looking at the current prices of precious metals, you can then get an estimation of what you dental gold will be worth.

Even if you do not have documentation, there is a good chance that your restoration will have value, it will just be harder to determine how much before you send it in.

Tip: Get your dental gold items reviewed at different pawn shops and jewelers before sending them to a refinery. This will allow you to have some idea of the value. Many times with pieces that are a combination of metals, it will hard to determine value without using a method that will destroy the piece.

Step 3: Find A Dental Gold Buyer

When trying to maximize the return for your dental gold, it is important to select the right buyer. As I said in Step 2, local pawn shops and jewelers will not be able to give you a good valuation of your items because of the necessary resources it takes to find the exact content of the items. This will lead to you receiving a lower price for your items because the buyer will have to leave enough of a margin to make sure he can sell it for a profit.

Selling dental gold online is generally the best option. The online refineries will receive your gold, melt it down, and be able to offer you a higher price because of a better valuation process and lower costs. It was mentioned in the beginning of the article that dental gold is treated the same way as dental scrap so many of the large online gold buying companies are willing to purchase your restorations. Now when selecting the right online gold buyer, here are some things to look for:

Industry Reputation: Large online gold buyers will have reviews throughout the web that provide you with honest feedback from previous customers. If you can find people who have been happy selling similar items, then that might be a sign of a company that you should work with. Along with customer reviews, BBB accreditation and similar professional organizational review sites are another good way to find out about a organization's reputation.

Insurance Value: If you are shipping a large amount of gold, then insurance is something that you need to look into. After you have estimated a value for your items, look at the insurance that each gold buyer offers to make sure that your items will be covered.

Price Per DWT: DWT is a unit of weight that many gold buyers will display on their websites. The higher the price per DWT, the more that they are willing to pay. Each companies price that they offer will be based off of different business operations that allow them to be profitable. While this is an important part to maximizing your return, be sure to take into consideration the other things mentioned in this section.

Turnaround Time: You don't want to be waiting a long time to receive that check after you have sold your gold. Try to find information on how long each company takes to pay you so that you have an idea of when you will get your money.

These are just some of the factors that you should take into consideration when selecting a dental gold buyer. There are many pros and cons with selling locally or online so finding which one will work best for you is key.

Local Buyers: Despite them offering less money, like it was mentioned above, the one excellent benefit that they provide is that you will receive your money instantly. There are likely many cash for gold locations in your neighborhood, so it might be a good option for you.

Step 4: Request Package and Mail

Many online gold buyers offer their customers prepaid packaging in order to simplify the process and increase its amount of customers. After you have chosen your gold buyer, their website will generally have a section for you to request a package. Fill out the information with the address that you would like to receive the package at. Once it has arrived, place your items inside along with any forms that the buyer would like you to fill out. Simply send in the box and wait to receive a valuation from the buyer.

Once the refinery has received your package, they will perform an assay on the items. This process requires melting down your dental gold and separating the metals to determine the weight of each metal (This is why your local gold buyer cannot give a proper valuation). After weighing the now separate pieces and looking at the current market prices for each metal, you will receive a valuation.

Step 5: Collect Money

After the refinery has performed the necessary steps toward determining a price, they will make you an offer for your items. You will have a certain amount of time to accept or decline an offer based on the policies of the organization that you chose. If you decline the offer, they will send you your items back but they will no longer be in the shape of dental restorations because they were melted during the valuation process. If you accept the offer, then you can sit back and wait for you check to arrive in the mail.


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