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How To Shave The Bikini Line - A Short Story

Updated on September 7, 2014

Happening Somewhere In The Universe

This is the story of a bikini line and its indefatigable attempts to learn how to shave.

It begins with an innocent bikini line. She was cute and proud in an inexperienced sort of way.

She went to the beach on a regular basis. She enjoyed dancing and gymnastics. As time went by she began to notice hair was escaping from her bikini. She was embarrasses and so attempted to comb it inwards. However they were still peeping out. She taped these escaping and unruly hairs inside her bikini. She found to her surprise that if she removed the tape soon after placing it, it came away with some of these hairs. If however she allowed too much time to pass, the tape fell off with no adherence.

As a result of this observation she began to apply tape repeatedly, and managed to remove these untamed hairs. She now recovered her self confidence as her bikini line was no longer an embarrassment.

And then disaster struck. The previously taped area became sore and flushed. On the beach she was self conscious again, but as she became caught up with the joys of practicing sports she forgot her soreness. The sun struck without mercy. That night the pain and soreness was nearly unbearable. She applied creams and lotions, her only consolation was the initial coolness. She walked awkwardly the next day, which embarrassed her even more. She imagined people's eyes on her all the time.

Stubble Appears

The second day two things happened simultaneously, increasing her suffering and her embarrassment.

The first was that stubble began to appear. As she was still sore from the sunburn, she couldn't stand the pain of more tape.

The second was that her skin began to peel which further directed attention to this area.

She felt as if a neon sign pointed at her with large letters, spelling "Look at me!". She kept away from the beach, from her dancing and her gymnastics for a time. Once the pain had disappeared she was still unsure how to remove her unruly and conspicuous hair.

How To Shave The Bikini Line

Searching For Solutions

That night she stole into her parent's bathroom and took her dad's electric shaver. She decided her only real alternative was to shave. But she had no idea how to do it. Her thoughts centered around her bikini line and how to shave it, when she accidentally turned on the electric shaver. She nearly dropped it in surprise. Hesitantly she picked it up.

She walked to her bedroom door and peered out. There was nobody around. She locked her door, went to her bed, sat down, and carefully spread one leg while switching on the shaver. She quickly turned it off again with a guilty feeling.

She decided to try again. With her courage renewed she turned it on, then off. She repeated this formula, until she gently applied it along her bikini line. With growing confidence she was soon shaving away to her hearts content for longer and longer periods. What had originally been hair along her bikini line, soon became a very discreet line of hair.


Then there was a knock on her door. She immediately turned of her shaver and with a false, sleepy voice answered. The knock was repeated. She covered herself and hid the evidence of her actions under the bed clothes, and went to open the door.

Her younger brother stood there.

"I know what you are doing".

She blushed and angrily retorted " Mind your own business".

"I'll tell Dad if you don't take me to the movies! I'll tell him you are using Mum's electric toothbrush".

She now has a great bikini line and has impressed her parents no end as she has turned into a great sister as she takes her younger brother to the movies every week!


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