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Tips For How To Choose Sizes For Ladies Motorcycle Riding Gear On The Internet

Updated on April 17, 2011

Tips on sizing

Most women's clothes, be it pants, tops, coats, or shoes, are all pretty much the same online as they are in the store. That does not hold true for ladies motorcycle riding gear. As a result of the protective features that most all reputable clothing lines carry, their sizing is off. It is important to take that into consideration when choosing to purchase from an online source versus a retail store.

Truthfully, knowing this does not help to soften the blow to the woman's feeling of self-image. The more protection, the larger you need to order. For example, if your everyday jacket is a large, you should opt for a 2XL. Likewise if you are regularly in a small, aim for a large. The motorcycle industry has not adjusted their sizing labels to accurately describe what size woman will actually fit into that design.  It is an over-site that does not appear to be corrected anytime in the near future.

The same approach needs to be taken with pants. Aim for two sizes larger. Yes, it is frustrating having to type in a size larger than you are when women are constantly striving to maintain a sleek, sexy image. It is, however, absolutely necessary to ensure a proper fit. Many sites offer a sizing chart on their pages to help limit the confusion.  It is a wise idea to take a measuring tape to yourself before logging in.  You will need to measure shoulder to shoulder, around your torso under the armpits, around your bust line, your waist, your hips, your thighs individually, and the length of your shoulder-blade to your wrist as well as your inseam, or the length of your leg measured from your inner crotch to your ankle.  Thankfully nobody else need to see your measurements but you and most websites (read the reputable ones) will not save your sizing information.

As for foot protection, this differs dramatically between various manufacturers. Motorcycle boots should ideally be bought from a retail location so that you can try them on and test the fit.  Shoes of any kind are not always the best item to purchase online.  That being said, it is often true that you can get a better price for them via the Internet.  The best rule of thumb, therefore, is to go up to the next half-size or even whole size. If they fit perfect, fantastic, if not, wear double thick socks which only helps to protect your feet further anyway. 

 In regards to helmets, it is not reccomended that you buy this item online.  Size alone is not the sole factor in ensuring that it fits and protects properly.  Most companies are fairly reliable on their sizing charts but vary in their interior padding.  It would be a good idea to purchase this item at a retail location or at least try several on.  The staff at any retail location selling motorcycle helmetswill be able to show you how it should fit best.  Should you be unable to do so, or unwilling, you will need to find the longest measurement around your head, most oftne that is above your ears and right at your eyebrows.  Also consider the shape of your head and the thickness of your hair.  If you intend to wear your hair a certain way under the helmet, put it up that way and then measure.  All of this is important in regards to finding the perfect fit.  Remember, if the helmet does not fit properly, ie. it is too tight, too loose, too much wiggle room, etc., then it will not be able to protect you the way it was designed to.

 As a general rule, a company that is worth dealing with will have a respectable return policy.  Before making any purchase, review this policy, if they have one.  If need be, do not hesitate to contact their customer support line.  They list it for a reason and that is to help you.  Granted it does help them if it ends with a sale but if they did not offer the opportunity to answer your questions or address your concerns then they are not a company worth doing business with to begin with. 

 The bottom line here is that motorcycle riding gear, protective or not, is still made for the petite woman despite her limited availability in today's society.  That does not mean limited access to the more attractive wear.  There are plenty of flattering options available if you know how to shop for them.  Suck in that ego and order for a size or two larger than you are.  Not only will you be better protected, you will look better in clothes that fit well.  Happy shopping!


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    • Chaotic Chica profile imageAUTHOR

      Chaotic Chica 

      7 years ago

      Thank you for your voting! I am glad that you found this useful. I was just considering adding more to the series.

      Technically the Honda CBRXX 1100 is just that. The name blackbird only came about because of it's all black design with the Honda wing in silver on the side. As it became known as the black bird, the addition of a turbo created the name super black bird. Because of it's popularity they are now all commonly reffered to as the super blackbird, even in a lot of shops, but technically speaking, that is inaccurate. Sorry, I had to point that out! :)

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      A great hub that I am bookmarking. I ride pillion on my partners Honda Superblackbird 1100.

      Any hubs such as this one are great for me.Up/useful for this one.

      Take care



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