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How To Tell Fake David Yurman Jewelry On eBay

Updated on June 13, 2011

EBay Buyers Beware! Fake David Yurman Jewelry Is Being Sold On eBay

I'm a big fan of David Yurman jewelry. I own two pieces and love them. I have an 11mm Prasiolite Albion ring and similar bracelet. I received one from my husband for a birthday, and the other piece to celebrate our anniversary. I usually reserve these pieces to be worn on special occasions.

Recently, I thought about adding to my David Yurman "collection," and started researching eBay as a potential place to purchase an additional piece. Perhaps a necklace to go with my ring and bracelet.

As I started digging around, I came across a guide on eBay entitled, "Fake David Yurman Jewelry Unbelievable A Must Read!" The person that wrote this guide explains how unscrupulous sellers on eBay are passing off fake David Yurman jewelry as the real thing to unsuspecting buyers.

How To Tell Fake David Yurman Jewelry On eBay

I read through the eBay guide that I mentioned above, plus comments on forums from people who have purchased fake David Yurman jewelry on eBay and there are some things you can look for if you are thinking about purchasing David Yurman jewelry on eBay.

Let me be clear here--this information is not to discourage you from buying David Yurman jewelry on eBay, it's simply to inform you about the fakes that are being sold on eBay. Just like the information I presented in "Want To Buy A Rolex? How To Spot A Fake," I am giving you things to look out for so you can make a wise decision and not get scammed. Even the fakes are very expensive, and you wouldn't want to throw your money away on a copy of the real deal!

Here are some things to look out for when buying David Yurman jewelry on eBay:

  • Know what you want to buy first. Go to a reputable jewelry store in person or online and know the real price of the item you wish to purchase. If you find the same item on eBay for hundreds of dollars less, chances are it's a fake.
  • Watch out for fuzzy, unclear pictures or photos taken from far away. If the photo is not clear, ask the seller to send a clear picture. If they make up some excuse that their camera hasn't been working right, or they tell you they can't get a picture to you for some reason, that should be a tip off.
  • A photo that looks like a stock photo perhaps from the David Yurman website itself.
  • A seller with multiple listings for the same item for sale.
  • Poor feedback or very little feedback.
  • No response when you try to email them.
  • Poor customer service if they include a phone number and you're able to contact them.
  • The seller doesn't include any contact information at all.
  • The seller doesn't offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Anything that would tip you off that the jewelry is from China.
  • If a photo is a close-up of the item, look at the diamonds. If they are cloudy and lack radiance, this is most likely a fake.
  • If the shanks on a ring appear to be larger than what is on an authentic David Yurman ring.

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How To Find AUTHENTIC David Yurman Jewelry On eBay

Finding AUTHENTIC David Yurman jewelry on eBay is not as hard as you may think. I have my own methods of finding real designer jewelry on eBay that I will share with you. In addition, I have included items for sale from sellers of authentic David Yurman jewelry throughout this hub. If you would like to do your own search, this is how I go about doing it.

  • First, click on any of the eBay auctions located on this page to take you to eBay. Sign in. If you don't have an eBay account yet, you can SIGN UP HERE.
  • Next, search for, "Authentic David Yurman [insert jewelry type, i.e."ring"].
  • Next, go to "Sort by" and choose "highest price first." I know you are searching eBay for David Yurman jewelry in order to get a good deal, however, the authentic pieces are still going to be on the pricey side.
  • The next part may take a couple minutes of your time. You want to scan the page(s) for the item you are interested in that also has a "top-rated seller" emblem next to it. Click on this item. You'll be taken to the item description page. This is where I double check the feedback rating which should be good because the seller is noted as a "top-seller" (in addition, I will often search for "David Yurman" under the eBay stores category.  I will read the descriptions under the store names to see if I can find jewelers, or what appear to be reputable sellers.  I'll click through to their stores and item listings and then follow these same tips).
  • Next, I look to see if they have a "ME" symbol near their seller ID that when clicked, gives information about the seller. If they don't have this, then I look to see if they have a store. If they do, they may include information about themselves here. I also look on the item description page to see if they offer returns or exchanges. If they have a no-return or exchange policy, skip it! Also, if they don't have a "ME" symbol, and they don't have a store, I skip this seller.
  • I personally look for detailed information on the seller within their About "ME" page, and/or store. I want to know if they are a jeweler because if they are, they will absolutely tell you and their items are most likely authentic. I especially like family businesses with a physical store. They usually have pictures of the family, the store, etc. If they are not a jeweler, they may be a collector of David Yurman jewelry. Their pictures will be of individual pieces that they are selling off. This is also a good sign that this seller is offering authentic David Yurman jewelry and not fakes.
  • I then look at feedback and read what others have to say. I want to see that people specifically mention the David Yurman jewelry they bought. Good feedback could be about anything that was purchased, so make sure you read about specific David Yurman items bought.
  • Finally, email the seller and ask about their return or exchange policy if it's not stated or it isn't clear. Take note on how long it takes the seller to answer your question, and the tone of the return email. If they do include a phone number, call them and ask them about the piece you are interested in. Tell them about your concerns of fake jewelry being sold on eBay and ask about their guarantees.
  • And lastly, if you followed all these tips, and feel confident that you are purchasing from a reputable seller, with a return and/or exchange policy, then go ahead and buy your desired David Yurman jewelry. Many honest eBay sellers exist, you just have to do your homework and you'll come out a winner!

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    • profile image

      music 6 years ago

      the david yurman trunk show in ohio video was awful.........the store rep just rambled on about how big it was going to be and all the tables they would have...........she should have talked overall about DY jewelry only and a short mention about the trunk show. and sticking a few pieces into the camera was rude to her audience and left out all the other pieces sitting behind the counter.................