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How To Spot Fake Rock & Republic Jeans

Updated on May 20, 2014

Guide To Spotting Fake Designer Rock & Republic Denim Jeans

Spotting fake Rock & Republic jeans from online sellers has become something I'm quite good at. I love buying designer jeans for a good price. Paying retail is not something I usually do. I don't mind buying NWOT or like new jeans on places like Ebay or other vintage clothing sites. I've been taken for a ride by some sellers online and I had to teach myself what to look for when spotting fakes and knockoffs that look like the real authentic pair.

#1 Thing When Trying to Spot Fakes

When sellers on sites like Ebay use photos of Rock & Republic jeans that are straight from the retailers, be very leery. This is a common method for sellers to try to lure unsuspecting designer jeans buyers into their trap. They use photos from retailers that sell the genuine Rock & Republic jeans. For example, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue both sell Rock & Republic jeans. If sellers are using photos from their site, be skeptical. Ask for real photos of the actual jeans and not model pictures.

#2 The Price Seems Way Too Low on Like New or NWOT Jeans

Many Rock & Republic jeans are sold from 60$ to well over 150$ depending on the cut and style. The Victoria Beckham ones have been faked a lot online. If you see new or nwot jeans listed for a ridiculously low price, do some research on the seller. Make sure they have near 100% positive feedback and over 100 of them. Read any feedback to see if fakes have been reported. Also, make sure the pictures look legitimate!

#3 Craftsmanship and Bling

Rock & Republic jeans are well made and the craftsmanship is impeccable. If the jeans have "bling" or crystals on the back, analyze the pictures. If the crystals look glued on, they are probably knock offs. The authentic designer jeans have crystals completely filling the inside of the design and are well done. If they look bad, they are likely fakes! Also, the R on the jeans has straight, sharp edges. The faked ones are curved.

#4 Tags, Tags, Tags

The newer R & R jeans have two tags. One is the size, and one has the instructions for washing and care. The size on real Rock and Republic jeans will be stitched on the tag. Fakes will usually have printed size tags. Real jeans say "Digitally mastered in the USA". Beware of some of the new ones listed that have powder blue tags with a silver ball. Those are indeed fakes.

#5 Other Details To Look Out For

Some of the newest pairs now have style codes, wash codes, and style #s. Make sure to compare any you currently have to the ones listed in photos. Most sellers will have photos of the inside labels. If they refuse to post photos of the inside labels, then steer clear. They are either lazy or knowingly selling knock offs. Look for the designer fonts. The Rock & Republic jeans have fonts that are unique. Knock offs will often be different in subtle ways, but sometimes they are OBVIOUS. Keep an eye out!

Spending over 60-150$ on a pair of jeans is a big purchase for most of us. None of us wants to be scammed or lied to. It's possible to find a great deal on Ebay or a small online retailer, but just be vigilant. Do research on the sellers or the sites. For example, if they are in China, they are probably selling knock offs and trying to get a retail price. Many of the knock offs do not have anywhere near the quality of the authentic jeans. With a keen eye, you can spot the fakes and move on to someone that has genuine pairs.

The allure of buying expensive jeans for a steal is what reels us in. It has reeled me in time and time again. Online sellers exploit that and try to convince us we are buying the real deal. We, as consumers, know that there are scammers out there. It is up to us to educate ourselves and be our own advocates.

If you spot fakes, report them!

People trying to sell fakes, report them immediately!

People trying to sell fakes and knockoffs when they are advertised as genuine should be reported. Do not be shy to report them to Ebay or the administration of whatever site they are on. This will help others and prevent them from being scammed. It only takes a moment of our time and makes shopping safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Happy shopping!


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      Eagle 3 years ago

      No quoisten this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.