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How To Make Your Curly Hair Smooth And Straight- Tips To Straighten Curly Hair

Updated on September 30, 2012

What Is The Best Hair Straightener For Your Curly Hair Type?

If you are reading this hub you are looking for ways to straight curly hair. I understand that their are several methods out there, but the one your looking for is the one that will stop the frizzes and swelling for a longer period of time.

I highly understand the frustration most have with curly unruly frizzy hair. Those of us with textured hair want is straight and those with straight hair want it curly.

This only make since, since the best straight hair is hair that has texture for the added weight and bounce and the smoother styled hair needs texture to create a style that last. This is why people with naturally straight hair get perms in order to add texture for better styling.

To the issue at hand. So you want to make your curly hair straight? There are several ways to have this done.

Hair Straightening Products

  • doobie set (temporary)
  • ceramic iron (temporary)
  • pressing comb (temporary)
  • keratin treatment (semi-permanent)
  • japanese straightening (permanent)
  • relaxer (permanent)

When making the decision to which process is best for you; you first have to consider some important facts:

  • cost
  • regret
  • maintenance

Once your have made your decision you are responsible for making sure your hair is properly maintained. For instance a style this this will have to be wrapped at night and properly conditiioned.

Deciding which process to go with can be deciding by knowing how much time and money you plan to spend on your hair. The most temporary processes will not last long and is inexpensive while the more permanent process is more costly and time consuming because of the retouches.

How To Straighten Curly Hair With A Ceramic Iron In 10 Steps

  1. Shampoo and condition hair.
  2. towel dry
  3. apply anti frizz straightening serum and heat protector cream
  4. blow dry
  5. apply straightening gloss w/heat protector
  6. African American hair add a little hot six oil (optional)
  7. Blow dry again with higher heat (optional)
  8. Clamp hair in for sections
  9. start in back
  10. straighten small thin sections
  11. Continue to finish all four sections

Products are used to prevent hair from swelling and reverting back to curly hair. Once you have gone through your entire head, repeat the process to enable style to last longer. Wrap hair at night with satin cap.

How To Blow Dry African American (Black) Hair

For extra curly or African American hair you will only dry hair 90- 95% dry then proceed to step 4 to step 7. On step 7 you will finish drying the hair. This process will further straighten and seal in nutrients in hair and ends which are more drying and porous. You will notice your hair more softer and manageable at this point.

Get more curly hair tips and vote up or leave comments. Now you know how to have straighten curly hair.


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