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How To Strengthen Your Weak Nails: Polishes, Tips & Reviews

Updated on November 12, 2014

The Magic Strong-Nail Formula

There are few things as frustrating as weak, fragile nails. Nails that peel, crack, or break easily can cause discomfort, inconvenience, and embarrassment. These issues cause many women to turn to expensive artificial nails in an effort to avoid these issues... but unfortunately these often create more issues than they fix over the long run. So... How to strengthen your weak nails? Starting from the inside out, and applying a little TLC, it’s possible for you to achieve strong nails for good! Read on, I’ll show you how.

How To Strengthen Your Nails: Start On The Inside

If you suffer from weak nails, and are wondering how to strengthen them, the first place to look is your diet. Most nail issues are an outward sign of an inward deficiency - a nutrient your body is lacking. Boost your intake of veggies, fruits, and protein; reduce sugar, caffeine, and alcohol; and drink plenty of water to flush toxins from your body, and you will be well on your way to stronger healthier nails.

If weak nails are troublesome for you, take a daily supplement targeting nail health. Try Biotin first; scientists speculate that a high daily dose of Biotin may help to improve keratin production in the body, and since nails are made up primarily of keratin protein, this is a great place to start. Biotin is water-soluble so any excess in your system will be flushed out, and many users swear by its effects on nail growth and strength, as well as skin and hair improvement. Take the supplement for at least a month or two before evaluating results; since this strengthens nails from the inside out, it will not have an effect on the existing nails you have, but will improve new nail growth - so you might not see results instantly, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Give it time to restore your nails and you will be pleased. Gel capsules are best for easy absorption; choose a high-quality supplement, like this one by Sports Research, for the best results.

How To Strengthen Your Nails: Avoid Weakeners

While strengthening your nails from the inside is the key “how to” in longterm nail health, you also want to carefully avoid outside exposure to things that can actively work against stronger nails. This means paying attention to your environment and what you do with your hands. Nails are highly absorbent, even more so than skin; exposure to chemicals can easily dry and damage them. A perfect example of this is using acetone to remove nail polish. If you’ve ever done this, you’ll know the white, pasty appearance your skin and nails have after acetone exposure.


The best way to avoid weakening chemicals is to watch the products you use. Nail polish and nail polish removers are the biggest culprits here, and often chock-full of toxic and drying chemicals. For stronger nails choose a nail polish that is 3-free or 5-free; these do not contain the worst of the chemicals commonly used in polishes. Better yet, choose a water-based polish option. When it comes time for removal, use a non-acetone nail polish remover.

Karma Organic Spa - Lavender Remover

A great example is this nontoxic remover by Karma Organic Spa. Containing only three ingredients, this soy-based remover smells delightful, removes any nail polish, and nourishes your nails as it does so. This is an easy step in your how-to-strengthen-my-nails quest, you’ll notice a huge difference to your nail health by switching to products that do not strip your nails.


Barielle Essential Moisturizing & Strengthening Cream

Barielle Cream Review

Moisturize For Stronger Nails

Since nails are so absorbent, they can also suffer because of excessively dry weather or excessive water exposure. Too little moisture and they will be too dry; yet too much moisture can, oddly, result in drying the nail. Healthy, strong nails depend on having the correct balance of moisture.

If you live in a dry climate, apply a good moisturizer to your hands and nails daily. Conversely, if you have high exposure to water - for example, if your job requires you to wash your hands multiple times per day - you will also want to apply moisturizer frequently. For concentrated nail strength, choose a formula that is made specifically to boost nail health, like this cream by Barielle. Containing lanolin, protein, and vitamin E, this provides essential moisture and repair to your nails, with or without polish. Apply twice daily, massaging into the cuticles and nail plate, and you will quickly notice results.

Moisturizing Tip:

When you go to bed, wear gloves over a layer of moisturizer for the ultimate overnight rejuvenation.


Apply A Strengthening Polish For Durable Nails

Try a topical nail-strengthening aid to give your digits that extra layer of protection and healing. The bonus of this approach? Instant gratification. These products work immediately to help repair the damage your nails have now, and to protect them and allow them to grow healthy. These will also help to act as a water barrier for those who can’t avoid having hands in water frequently. The key to a strong nail formula is protein. You want a protein component because the protein is key to rebuilding the nail, and will also bond any layers that are currently peeling.

Best for Rebuilding Soft Nails: Barielle

Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein Formula is perfect for natural nails that are fragile due to use of artificial nails. The Barielle formula contains protein, gelatin, and vitamin E to help rebuild and strengthen the nails. Barielle is a leader in this industry and this product, along with all their others, gets rave reviews.


Nailtiques: For Repairing Chipping, Peeling & Splitting Nails:

Used and recommended by many salons, Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein is a great way to strengthen nails that tend to chip, peel, and split. Apply one coat daily for 3-4 days, then remove, then start again; repeat for a few weeks. From then on you can use it as a base coat or continue to apply every other day. Reviews don’t lie, and Nailtiques gets amazing reviews. For healthier, stronger nails, address the peeling and splitting with Nailtiques.

Nailtiques Formula 2 Review

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Beautiful Nails At Your Fingertips: How To Enjoy Healthier, Strengthened Nails From Here On Out

With improved nutrition, extra vitamins, TLC, essential moisture, and a little topical help, your nails will be noticeably healthier and stronger within a couple of weeks. The key is to address the issue from all directions, and that way your nails will be able to heal, grow, and stay strong and healthy.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions to add! Maybe another miracle product? Maybe a nutrition tip? There’s nothing so comforting as hearing from other people suffering the same issues... so please feel free to share your experiences. And as always, if you give any of these treatments a try, I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading, and I wish you healthy and happy nails!


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