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Curly Hair : How to Manage Your Frizz!

Updated on July 13, 2011

The Frustrations of Curly Hair

At the age of 10 my hair changed from thick and straight, to thick and curly. I couldn’t get it to do anything that didn’t resemble a crow’s nest. So in sheer frustration; I cut my hair off. However, after countless bad hair cuts and many people thinking that I was a little boy, I decided to see what could happen with long hair. After several months of awkward grow out hair lengths, I finally had shoulder length hair. It made me look... A bit crazy.

I had several years of rather insane hair which I typically pulled back into a pony tail that resembled a pom-pom. I am writing this to give some tips that might help other curly haired individuals to not have the same level of frustration as I did. 

Shape the Curls

This is probably the most important step... Get a good hair cut. Go to a well regarded hair salon rather than a Great Clips. You need to have your hair volume reduced so that it has less of a tendency of frizzing up. Also, a good stylist can shape your hair so that it complements your face shape. This step will probably be expensive... but it is worth it. But it might be a bit of a trek to find a stylist that is truly capable of working with curly hair. 

Keep the Curls Happy

Make sure you consistently condition your hair. There are countless shampoo and conditioner brands that now sell products especially for curly hair. Snag some of these products and keep your hair healthy! I have been told that it is unnecessary to wash your hair daily, since the shampoo can tend to dry out curly hair. But I still do daily washing and I find that I have no issues, provided that I condition afterward. As far as brands... I have tried a variety and I really have not noticed a major difference between the expensive brands and the cheap brands. Just try a few in your price range and find what makes your hair feel more moisturized and manageable. 

Make the Curls Behave

Find products for making your hair behave while you are in public. We all have days when we really don’t want to fight our hair... On those days, do whatever is not going to drive you crazy (pony tail, braid, etc.). But on the days when you would like it to look nice, I suggest starting with a good leave in conditioner after a shower or wetting down your hair. This will allow your hair to retain moisture so that it prevents the immediate frizzing that happens as your hair dries. Please note that regular conditioner that you use while showering does not work as leave in conditioner (it just makes your hair look greasy if you don’t wash it out while in the shower). I personally use Rusk brand of leave in condition, preferring the Brilliant scent. But once again, there is a wide variety of brands that will work well.

Also, find a curl definer. This product causes the hair shape to retain its form and prevents the hair from completely poofing out into a chaotic frizz fest. This product typically follows the leave-in conditioner and is put in damp hair and thoroughly rubbed into the hair. My personal preference is for Rusk Ringlet 07.

There are countless other products and methods that can be used to work with your curly hair, but I outlined some of the basics that can help to control your curls. So have fun with your hair! Leave it down, or pin it back with a few curls out for effect. Best of luck in figuring out what works for you and I hope this helped!

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