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How To Upcycle An Old Jewelry Box - Easy And Quick

Updated on August 24, 2012

For Fun Or In Boredom

If your anything like me, you like doing easy quick projects that get fairly quick results between running your kiddo's to the potty, feeding them, cleaning the house and busyness.

I have been on a huge spray paint kick lately. I think it's because I've just been bored honestly, but it's been giving me great ideas. So here's my recent.

My mother gave my daughter her old jewelry box a few years ago and now for quite some time, it has been hidden in a closet getting no valuable use. I decided I'd take some spray paint to it and vuala, it's nice now.

Here are my step-by-step instructions and suggestions. You will need the following:

1 can spray paint (color of choice)

1 Jewelry Box (emptied)

A large sheet of paper to lay on the ground and protect your grass as you spray



If your going to be painting the handles a different color than the drawers or base, use painters tape (frog tapes is best) to wrap around the handle while you spray paint the rest of it.

Place your paper on the ground and if it windy like it was for me, make sure you have something to use as weights (rocks are good) to keep the paper down. I didn't at first and the paper flew up and stuck to the side of my freshly painted box. I had to re-paint that part.

At first, I decided to paint the main part of the jewelry box black and the drawers red with black handles. So My suggestion is paint each at different times, not the same time so that you do not mix up the paint containers. Both of mine had red tops and I didn't pay attention to the residue on them and ended up painting something black that was intended to be red.

Always spray paint in a well ventilated area so you do not breathe in the toxins.

When you paint, make sure you spray in a back and forth horizontal motion and at least 6 inches away from your jewelry box to avoid dripping (unless you like that look).

Let it completely dry before taking it into your house and using it. If you don't the fumes will come into your home and you may ruin it pulling stuck drawers apart.

In the end, I ended up re-painting the drawers black as I like the look better.

I learned from my mistakes. There are some places on this jewelry box (my first attempt) that I was too close with the spray paint or the wind blew the paper onto fresh paint and it looks a little funny in a couple places. Nothing a little low lit area can't hide ;). Have fun with your project!


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