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How To Get Clean Pores and Remove Acne With Skin Care Tips That Work

Updated on March 13, 2014

It so stressful and embarrassing to worry about pimples and scars on your face. Using make up can cause more problems and can be costly. Clearing your skin of acne and scars is a journey that is achievable for most when adapting a good skin regimen where a dermatologist may prove to be the answer for more extreme issues.

Taking medications and using acne products are only an aid to a great skin care regimen. There are many reasons for blemishes which includes:

  • diet
  • products
  • hormones
  • hygiene

To have clear skin is to first understand how to treat the problem. Acne is considered a disease and can be contagious and spread if you touch the affected area. Acne treatment products have active agents in them kill surface bacteria. I want you to remember that if it is red it is infected.

However like I stated above, there are many reasons why a person has acne and the approach should be different in some ways. For instance:

  • A woman with acne in her 50s may have to consider balancing her hormones as well as using a product for hormonal acne such as Murads "Time Release Acne Cleanser".
  • A teenager also has hormonal acne when reaching puberty as well as issues concerning oily skin and improper food choices.

You will not have clear skin over night , but it is possible with an everyday skin care regimen. Acne can be a hereditary issue because of over active sebaceous (oil) glands. This may be a problem you will always deal with. How you deal with it is up to you.

Now that that is out of the way I want to explain how using products properly can greatly benefit the way your face looks. It's just like a person that has a weakness for alcohol making the decision to stop drinking and go to AA.

Why Do Some Acne Treatment Products Cause More Acne?

I want you to also understand that our bodies automatically have a safety mechanism that kicks in when we harm our bodies. For instance, when we use our hands more or walk more our skin gets thicker and calluses grow in the area over worked. This is a protective layer to keep you from breaking the skin and causing real harm.

This same thing happens when your skin is at risk. If you over cleanse your acne it will deplete your skin of necessary moisture causing dehydration and thus forcing your skin to compensate by making more oil. More oil means more break-outs. Not only that, your skin is not properly balanced after cleansing if a toner is not applied. This is when most people throw out their acne skin care products and say they don't work.

You will have problems with your skin if you don't have a good skin regimen and products. To have clear skin you have to use supportive acne product to maintain a perfect healthy balance. Acne treatment products can be very drying and harmful to your skin if not used properly.

There are also allergies to some active ingredients in acne products you may not be aware of.This is why most acne products come with a whole system, every component is necessary.

How To Prevent Acne and Promote Clear Skin

See a professional skin care specialist such as a dermatologist or licensed esthetician and have your skin analyzed. These professional can give your recommendations and clear your skin of the dull damaged layer that prevents your skin from absorbing acne skin care treatment products effectively. You will leave with a new outlook about your skin.

  • Keep skin free of oils.
  • Don't eat sugary or oily foods.
  • Only use an acne face cleanser.
  • Adapt a daily acne skin care regimen.
  • Never sleep without washing your face.
  • Never us products that clog skin or oil based produced.
  • Change pillow cases often and try not to sleep on your face.

Caring for skin with acne is a journey but having the proper acne treatment products on hand will allow you to have clearer smoother skin during your adventure.

How To Use Acne Skin Care Treatment Products To Clear Skin Fast

First of all follow directions from your professional esthetician. A dermatologist may give you a prescription but they are now hiring esthetician (licensed skin care professional in medical practice,spa or salons) to help recommend supportive acne products.

Your skin has to be cleansed and toned with a product for acne skin to properly prep skin for your treatment. A water based moisturizer is used afterwards to properly hydrate your skin to ward off adverse affect by balancing your skin.

How Estheticians Choose The Best Acne Skin Care Treatment Products For Your Skin Typeis a good read to understand the whole process you will go through with your visit to a licensed esthetician for your recommendation for your particular analyzed skin.

The acne skin care treatment that is chosen for you will be changed as your skin changes. Keeping up with a acne regimen at home will assure you the best acne solution there is.

For more acne information please go to Anti Aging and Acne Skin Care Tips And Treatments. Good Luck!

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