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The Best Facial Regime To Clear Up Acne!

Updated on June 21, 2013

Hi ! My name is Rachel and I have suffered with acne from adolescence throughout my adult life. I remember as a teenager feeling like the ugly duckling because of my acne. Like so many other teenagers do u remember the name callings, such as pizza face and the crazy skin routines you had, such as alcohol, sulfa soap, toothpaste or Noxzema . Do you remember the products that burned your skin or broke you out in a terrible rash. I still remember waking up and having this huge mountain in the middle of my forehead and canceling my Friday night date because of my blemishes. I also remember having no one to educate me about how to cleanse my skin and how to prevent blemishes. As a result, I went throughout my 20's and early 30's suffering with adult acne and scars that are irreversible. After trial and error I realized that I wasn't doing something correct. At that time I began to research products that have been successful on skin. I stumbled upon natural products and tons of reviews stating how well theses products resolved their acne. So of course I wanted to try it out for myself. I began my skin regime and had wonderful results. Now that I have discovered my miracle I want other individuals that suffer like I do to have some relief as well. If you are reading this article then that is telling me you need more information about how you can help decrease your acne flare ups and continue to improve your complexion.

First Step..Learn how to cleanse your face.

I recommend individuals to wash their face every time they wash their teeth. You are probably thinking well that is a strange thing to request. It may sound strange but you would be surprised at how many people do not realize the significance of washing their face at least one in the morning and once before going to bed. When developing a normal wash regime you must ask yourself if your soap maybe the cause of your acne breakouts. Make sure your soap is cleansing away impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils. If this occurs your body will increase its sebum oil resulting in more blemishes. Now I know many of you have heard of African Black Soap. Dudu Osun Black soap is imported from Ghana. It is made of pure honey, shea butter, osun, aloe vera juice and natural lime juice. The benefits of this soap are amazing, just the ingredients alone tell you the areas the soap targets. My first step to battle my acne was starting to cleanse with African Black Soap in the morning and the evening.

Second Step...Exfoliation. You must get rid of dead cells that contribute to clogging the pores trapping dirt and bacteria. Regular exfoliation will result in smoother, softer skin while clearing your complexion and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Men and women need to understand the importance of having at least one professional facial or seeing a dermatologist. This will simply give you a professional understanding of your skin and what concerns you have. After my first microdermabrasion, I noticed an immediate difference. My skin was smoother, clearer and softer. I only exfoliate once a week now and I learned home remedies to exfoliate myself. . A few homemade ways to exfoliate are...

1. use brown sugar and coconut oil

2. purchase a chemical peel

3. baking soda and water: I mix these two together and make a paste. I apply it by making circular motions. I let it set for a few minutes then I rinse it off. My skin feels so soft afterwards and I didn't spend over $3 dollars.

Third Step....Use an Astringent. Once I exfoliate I use Witch Hazel to help clear clogged pores and reduce any inflammation. Witch Hazel has been used for generations by individuals that understand the benefits of natural astringents verses harsh chemicals or gels. I chose this because it is natural and I do not receive the same harsh drying results as when I used rubbing alcohol. The tannin acid is the ingredient that prevents the drying affects and also helps with swelling related in inflammation. Since Witch Hazel has been approved by the FDA you can purchase it at your local Walmart or Target stores.

Fourth Step....Apply a Toner. I use Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner. After you have washed your face and applied different products you need to return your skin back to its natural pH to function properly. If the skin is imbalance it allows bacteria to grow. It has been noted that Apple Cider Vinegar achieves these results and also helps to decrease oil production. I mix apple cider vinegar with cold water because it helps to close the pores.

Fifth Step......Moisturize. Moisturizing is your anti aging formula. Does dry skin result in acne and blemishes? The debate between dermatologist is that the body increases its sebum oil production because it is dry. When I moisturize day and night I have less outbreaks. You may use any moisturizer of your choice. When choosing a moisturizer always look for products that have omega fatty acids and vitamins, A and E that will rejuvenate the skin. I prefer avocado butter. Avocado butter is a natural butter that has has all the components listed above plus the benefits of UV prevention properties. I also recommend any of the following: unrefined Shea Butter, Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil (which is closer to the sebum oil that we produce)

Sixth Step.....Heal Your Acne from the Inside. Drink your water. Hydrated skin helps to promote moisture and elasticity. Your skin has a function to remove waste through sweating. Drinking water will help your kidneys and liver to detoxify the toxins in your body. It is recommend to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces.

Recent scientific studies have linked skin care with happiness. Proper skin care and adequate skin products are an integral part of us achieving youthful looking skin. When you look beautiful they you feel beautiful. So if you are or your loved ones suffer from acne then try my simple skin routine or develop your own routine. Wondering how to start? I have included a site to help you start a routine just like mine.


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      4 years ago

      yes this natural soap has proven to very good at decreasing acne breakouts

    • profile image

      lili meher 

      4 years ago

      how to removes acne?


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