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How To Highlight Your Hair Using Hair Chalk

Updated on October 26, 2015
A packet of hair chalk showing rainbow colored highlights.
A packet of hair chalk showing rainbow colored highlights.

Using Hair Chalk To Highlight Your Hair

Forget the down time of using home hair dye and time and money spent on regular salon appointments to get your highlights; now you can color your hair instantly and very cheaply using hair chalk.

You may have seen pictures of rainbow color hairstyles recently doing the rounds on social networking sites. And in case you weren't sure how it's done - it's created using hair chalk. A special chalk created just to color hair.

The vibrant colorful hairstyles you can create using the chalk are pretty, but certainly not appropriate for an every day hairstyle. So you may not have thought that you could be using the same chalk, in subtle tones to highlight your own hair, but you can!

Hair chalk not only comes in packets of bright colors but also subtle tones which you can blend with your own hair color to create instant temporary highlights, or the look of foils and even dipped ends. It can also be used in between your regular hair dye to touch up regrowth.

Creating a subtle highlight
Creating a subtle highlight | Source

How To Apply Hair Chalk

You should apply hair chalk to wet hair to highlight it. You don't want your hair dripping when you apply it as some of the color may drip off. Wet or wash and towel dry your hair prior to applying it and part your hair the way you intend to sytle it. You can apply hair chalk to dry hair but it will not grab as well and the effect will be minimal.

Facing a mirror, decide which areas you want to highlight and grab a small section of hair from the roots, as much as you would want for a foil, or a length around 1cm wide or less. This is because the chalk is painted on and does not sink in as if you were dying it, so if you choose a large section of hair the chalk won't color the underneath.

Holding your chalk in one hand and the section of hair you've chosen, and starting at the roots, place the base or side of the chalk on the hair firmly and bring it down to the end of your hair section. You will notice your hair has been colored! If you would like it bolder, hold on to your hair and go over it again, sweeping the chalk from the roots to ends of your hair. Now you can repeat with a new section of hair.

Choosing Colors

Choosing hair chalk colors
Choosing hair chalk colors | Source

As per the photo above I have chosen two chalk sticks from my packet. A white and a beige chalk. This is because I am highlighting my medium blond hair color and touching up a little dark regrowth at the roots. These chalk tones will give me the same effect as having two different dye foils in my hair. You could use these colors on darker hair for a more vibrant high-light. The chalk will color any hair color it is not a dye but a type of hair makeup and it will not permanently change your hair color.

The chalk pictured in my box is rectangular, and is less powdery in consistency to normal chalk. It almost feels like it's refined clay when I apply it.

Highlighting The Ends Of Your Hair

Your highlights don't have to start at your hair part! Hair chalk allows you to be a little bit more creative than home hair dye's and if you make a mistake, it's not a problem as hair chalk washes out! So, if you're feeling a little more adventurous you can highlight your hair on the ends only, or from mid way of your hair length down.

You apply the hair chalk to towel dry hair as per above, but just paint the ends or blend from mid section to the ends of you hair in sections until you have created your desired look.

Touching up dark roots at the part
Touching up dark roots at the part | Source

Using Hair Chalk To Touch Up Regrowth

You can use hair chalk in between your regular hair dye to touch up the regrowth. It's a perfect way to refresh your color before a night out and saves a salon visit.

Because hair chalk will cover your regrowth, even subtly if you like, you can use it to both touch up or blend the regrowth with your dyed hair color.

Simply part your hair the way you are going to style it and color using a chalk color which is a close match with the color your hair is dyed. You don't need to pull up sections of your hair to do this just use the end of the chalk to color in the visible regrowth at your part.

I have medium blonde hair which is naturally darker at the roots, so I use a white hair chalk to lighten the root area in particular as well as using it to add some lighter highlights throughout my hair.

To Dye Just The Underneath

To apply a darker shade of color undereath your hair. Pin your hair up except for a section along the nape of your neck and color it in. Because you're drawing on the back of your hair you might find you need a hand to color the mid section at the back, ask a friend to color you in!

How Long Does Hair Chalk Last?

Hair chalk will usually wash out in one wash. If you're applying bright colors to light hair it might take two washes but it shouldn't permanently color your hair. How hard it might be to wash out though could depend on the brand you use.

To keep your color in longer try to avoid brushing it with any vigor as it tends to brush out. And you can apply hairspray or use a curling iron or hair straightener to seal your color in for longer.

How To Make Your Highlights Look Great

Chalk can cause your hair to lose some sheen. There is no shimmer in the chalk. Putting some shine in the high-lights you've created may be as easy as adding a little hairspray, but if you have a spray sheen it will really make the chalk highlights pop!

Avoid applying liquid hair gloss products as they may affect the texture of the hair chalk on your hair (The chalk paint could slide off).

Chalk highlights look brilliant when your hair has some sculptured or curling wand curls, or even braids.

How To Do Rainbow Colors

Once you've mastered your regular high-lights using hair chalk, you may feel brave enough to try more vibrant colors. To create rainbow colored hair, you still use sections of hair as if you were creating a regular hair foil look, but you use one color halfway down the length of your hair and a bright contrasting color from there down to the ends. You can blend and alternate these same colors with the next section of hair you choose.

This bold look works especially well with metallic hair chalk which is also readily available.

Where To Buy Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is fun and inexpensive, and because it's affect is temporary you can afford to be adventurous and experiment with your hair color. Also, a pack of chalk color may last months of use. The packet I purchased pictured in this article cost only $5.00. You can buy hair chalk at salon supply stores, large department stores and online at Ebay and Amazon, as featured on this page.

Dying Hair With Chalk (Youtube Video)

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    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 3 years ago from Australia

      Yes, easier and a lot cheaper! One chalk stick lasts months!

    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 3 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Seems a lot less messy than busting out the hair dye.

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 4 years ago from Australia

      G'day kidscrafts, lovely to hear from you it is always great to read your comments and feedback and I really appreciate your feedback, I really appreciate it thank you again :)

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      Sorry to be so late to give a comment on your last hub! I must say that I find this subject quite fascinating. I don't intend to use it myself but I would have loved to invent those myself :-) It's just brilliant!

      For those who like to change colors and highlights on a regular base... wash your hair, choose your chalk(s) and it's done! I am sure that with some creativity, it's possible to get interesting combinations!

      Thank you for sharing this useful and interesting hub!

      Have a great week!

      PS : great pictures :-)

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 4 years ago from Australia

      Thank you DDE, hope you have a happy week!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great thought here on How To Highlight Your Hair Using Hair Chalk interesting idea but something I won't attempt though you have accomplished a creative hub

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 4 years ago from Australia

      G'day Bob, thanks for reading this page, I love reading your comments! Yes You are right I am Aussie and hitting my 30's now! Is that older LOL! Just the photos are me on this page she has my same colorings I haven't mastered my own Youtube as yet but it's on the list! Now back to my chalking :)

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 4 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Is it good for Geezer Gray??

      I read your hub for fun and I thought it was very professionally written. The video was hilarious...was that really you? You'll have all the stalkers getting aroused. I always, for some reason, thought you were Australian and older. Keep on chalking!