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How To Use Nuru Gel

Updated on April 18, 2013

How to use the Nuru Gel

Nuru Gel, also called Nuru Massage is a water-based massage oil that is very different from any other type of lubricants out there and lasts a lot longer compared to other oils and lubricants. Since Nuru is a water-based solution, it does not stain clothing or sheets and can be used safely with pleasure toys. Nuru offers different types of gels for use in different situations including Nuru Standard which is ideal for passion massages and Nuru Platinum perfect for long massages and shower intimacy and NuruX Shake for those who want to change the consistency of Nuru Gel or mix scented oils.



Nuru is a line of products that range from thin to ultra-thick, soft and sticky, clear and flavored. The main ingredients of Nuru massage gels are natural minerals, Chamomile and Nori Seaweed. Unlike other bases today, Nuru Gel has considerable amounts of Chamomile juice and it is a special massage gel with deep seaweed ingredients imported from Japan. The gel boasts of extra skin-softening properties crucial for restoring the tone and vitality of the skin. The ingredients include:

  1. Water 97%
  2. Deep seaweed extract – Glycerol also known as Nori Glycerine is a transparent, odorless, tasteless and extremely smooth and slippery gel used in personal care and medical and pharmaceutical purposes for lubrication and providing smoothness.
  3. Disodium EDTA is a safe non-toxic skin conditioning agent that has properties that improve the appearance of the skin and repair dry and damaged skin.
  4. Sodium polyacrylate (waterlock) - This is a thickening agent that also helps absorb water up to 200 to 300 times its mass.
  5. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate is also known as licorice root
  6. Chamomile(oil) Azulene - Also known as Sodium Guaiazulene Sulfonate, this is a hydrophilic derivative of GA with exceptional wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Why you should buy Nuru standard?

Nuru Standard gel is ideal for use in different situations. It is a slick, thick and long lasting gel that is popular for its slippery feel and is one of the slickest products in the family of gels. Nuru standard is the most popular and most commonly used especially in Nuru massages but it can also be put to use in common massages.

The Nuru standard gel is colorless, odorless and tasteless and just a 40ml or 1.35oz. bottle can be used in foot massages, a session of self-pleasure or just to try the product.

How much water should be added to the gel?

The Nuru gel is very simple to use. You just need to add water and enjoy using one of the best massage products in the market. When mixing with water, always add water to the Nuru gel and not the other way round.

Why it is best not to dilute Nuru standard.

The Nuru Standard Gel has a mid-grade slickness and thickness. It is an excellent body sliding gel that has been proven to heighten one’s senses to a level of ecstasy. Since it is an all-purpose gel, colorless, edible and odorless, Nuru standard can be used on any part of the body. It has commendable consistency and is perfect for extending favorite massage lotions or for changing translucency without having to alter the thickness of the massage lotion, hence should not be diluted before use.

How many massages can I get from each bottle?

Typically, the number of massages you can get from 1 bottle of gel depends on your preferred consistency levels as well as the amount of gel you use per massage. On average, a 1.35oz. or 40ml bottle can provide several foot massages or one or more sessions of self-pleasure.

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What are the benefits from Nuru Massage Gel compared to others?

Nuru is a Japanese word that means ‘slippery’. The name may also have been derived from one of its ingredients called ‘Nori’. This is a comfortable and cool gel when applied on the skin and is suitable for a whole-body massage. Unlike most other massage gels, Nuru is made entirely from natural products including minerals and plants with proven healing and beauty properties. Because it is transparent, odorless, extremely smooth and slippery and tasteless, it can also be used for other lubrication purposes. The Nuru massage is a special kind of gel and is popular in body to body massage.


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