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How To Wear A Cute Skirt

Updated on September 28, 2016

A sexy skirt is one that gives you confidence and personal style. I am not talking about a real tight, or too short of a skirt, but rather a classy skirt that ends slightly above the knee, and which shows off your shapely legs. Think pencil thin, or long skirts with slits up the sides. Cute skirts make you feel hot and adored. Pick up some of these winning skirts below over at Amazon.

Blue Pencil Skirts

Blue pencil skirts are especially cute and even come in denim. Pair a blue pencil skirt with a bright red top to draw attention to yourself, or wear one with a white top to look a bit more subdued. Not matter how you dress up the pencil skirt, you will be looking sexy and hot without looking like a complete street walker.

Pencil skirts also can be paired with billowy tops, as tight pencil skirt will keep you looking like you have a shape. If you wear a loose top and a loose skirt you can loose your shape, but the pencil skirt will help you keep your fashionable figure.

Circle Skirts

Circle skirts are fun to wear because these are full and swingey, but make sure to wear these with a tighter top. I suggest a sexy black top with a v-neck line, which will allow you to pull off the full swingy skirt on the bottom portion of your body without looking like a New Year's Day float!

If you are more daring, but I am not, you can even wear a sparkly or sequined crop top to show off your sexy midriff. A very hot night on the town look could be to wear sequined mid-drift top with a billowy circle skirt. By the way, circle skirts are also very alluring if you are going to take up belly dancing, or if you just want to look like the part of a belly dancer for Halloween or a costume party.

A-Line Skirts With Fitted Tops

A-line skirts with fitted tops are perfect for the office, or even a party after work.  When headed to the office you can wear a cute structured jacket over the fitted top, and allow the a-line skirt to compliment the bottom half of your figure.  A-line skirts are especially forgiving if you tend to be pear shaped on the bottom half like I am, and find wearing a pencil skirt might not always be flattering.

For a party or on the weekend an a-line skirt is a cute and a flirty way to dress up your look without looking too casual.  Some people feel skirts are only for dress up events or the office, but I actually love wearing a-line skirts year around because these make me feel more put together when I leave the house than if I am wearing skirts.  Although I might shop in pearls and heels like a 1950's housewife, I do enjoy wearing a-line skirts because these make me feel pretty and cute.  I especially adore a-line skirts with cute flower patterns, or solid bold colors like teal or fuchsia.  I hope you have fun buying some new cute skirts to build up your own wardrobe.


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