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How To Wear Layered Necklaces

Updated on October 13, 2012

How To Layer Necklaces

Layering jewelry, particularly necklaces is usually a boho/ hippy style, but could also be modern. Wearing layered necklaces is a quick and simple way to instantly dress up a plain/basic top/outfit.

If you love to accessorize, and/or you prefer an easy option when it comes to getting glammed up, layering necklaces is a trend to try.

Characteristics of an ideal layering necklace

Necklaces that are ideal for layering consist of a light & fine chain, with or without a single pendant, charms or beads. Avoid large, chunky beads if there are several of them on the strand, also avoid thick, heavy chains when layering necklaces. Generally don't mix gold and silver tones as they usually clash, layered necklaces should harmonize and blend with one another.

It's usually best to reserve layering necklaces for an outfit that is quite plain or dull. Wearing a lot of jewelry with patterned clothing or clothing that has a lot lace, tassels, beads or sequins, might make you look over the top and/or mismatched.

Good Examples Of Layered Jewelry

A good example of layered necklaces, looking effortlessly delicate and pretty. This is a good example because the clothing is ideal, basic and casual, the necklaces harmonize with one another despite the gold and silver tone, and the necklaces look light.

True, this IS Heidi Klum and she isn't even wearing any makeup in this photograph, but this look is so versatile, simple and clever that it would work for any woman.

Another example of good layered necklaces, as everything about this works. The combination of colors is spot on, also complimenting the models hair and eye color. The amount of jewelry is right, considering the density of it, and it looks effortless.

Matching tones in jewelry to your own skin, hair or eye color is an easy way to get it right, also will usually work when tones in jewelry match clothing colors.

Bad Examples Of Layered Jewelry

This is a bad example of layered necklaces, one piece of jewelry doesn't harmonize with the other, and there is too much shininess going on with the silky top and multiple necklaces combined. The shortest necklace is too chunky to work with any others, and doesn't go with the top at all. The other two necklaces have the potential to harmonize, although it's difficult not to be distracted by the chunky necklace.

Another example of bad jewelry layering, primarily because it looks as if the jewelry is wearing the woman, rather than the woman wearing the jewelry. There is nothing wrong with the color combination, pearls with diamantes and ruby red are great together, there are just far too many pearls here.

Get yourself a few long layering necklaces and try this trend, it's a style that is sure to stand the test of time!


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