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How to wear leggings attractively

Updated on June 5, 2011

They are back!

I thought leggings had gone out of style permanently, but what do I know? because they are back. Leggings have made their way back into the fashion world and are going strong. I went to the store the other day and looked at a few and I was impressed at the advancement in their styles. There were a pair that was made from a jean spandex material with flowers accent at the foot of the legging, and I have to say they were very cute, if I were to wear a pair those would be it.

Leggings are a tight-fitting stretch covering undergarment, it’s like a stocking without the feet and it varies in length, colors, texture, and style. The length of the leggings can either fall right below knee, mid calf or full length at the ankles, and if worn correctly and age appropriately they can be very flattering and stylish. Leggings are not pants and should not be worn as such; they are casual accessory pieces to be worn under a garment such as a short denim skirt, free-flow dress above the knees, a tunic top that falls below the buttocks,or a form fitted jersey dress.

The most popular look in leggings are the longer ankle look, and I agree with that because they give off a more sophisticated look and they do not let you look like you are cut in half as the mid calf ones does.

Pairing your body with the right leggings

Leggings can be worn by any body type or shape; you have to properly coordinate it with the right top to flatter your body. Leggings can be a bit challenging if your body type is not suited very well to leggings, but not to worry because this problem is fixable.

Experiment with leggings to find the best fit for your body proportion and decide which looks best on you. What look good on a tall person might not look well on a shorter person for example mid-calf leggings might look fabulous on a tall, skinny person but it might have a different look on a shorter heavier person, it might let your legs look wider.

If you are short you want something to elongate and flatter your look because you are looking to compliment your legs not make it a detriment; you want to add to your look not take away from it. Knowing how to wear legging makes the difference in how you look, whether you will be a fashion chic or fashion flop. Your ultimate goal in wearing leggings is not just to be comfortable, but to rock the leggings world.

Coordinating your leggings

After you have found the right length legging that compliment your body type then its now times to compliment your legging with the proper top. The hottest and most complimentary top to leggings is a “Tunic Top” this is a roomy free flowing stylish shirt top which does not cling to all the wrong places and will balance out the look of the tight fitted legging.

You want to wear a long enough tunic top to appropriately cover your rear and hips because these areas are where we have issues with. Tunic tops should fall at the mid-thigh area, unless you have a killer body with no flaws then you want to cover up and not reveal, remember to take in consideration that leggings is not pants and it reveals all. Wearing leggings the wrong way can be very unflattering to you as well as to others looking at you.

Tunic tops are fun, flattering and they are easy to wear as well as they are very fashionable and stylish. You can do a lot with tunics and leggings to fit most occasions and be the hit of any social gathering. Loose tunic tops should also be appropriate in length, it should not fall below your knees, preferable no more than mid- thigh area. If your top falls below your knee it will look like you are wearing a dress with legging, and that is not the look you want to sport; however in certain cases a dress will look very nice with leggings. To have a super fabulous look try pairing a form fitting jersey knit dress with your leggings and adding another layer such as a stylish belt to hug your curves and accentuate your assets.

If you are going to make leggings apart of your wardrobe then it would be wise to invest in certain key pieces of clothing to wear with your leggings, this will allow you to properly mix and match your outfit to suit the occasions. In order to properly complete and rock the look you will need a killer pair of shoe.

Leggings are sold in most department stores as well as online. They come in a variety of sizes from XS - plus size 5X, and they are not very expensive, so if that is the look for you, go for it and have fun.

Choose the right shoe

It is said that leggings looks best with flat shoes, such as a nice pair of ballerina flats or a cute flat sandals, low heel pump or boots, any of these will look very chic with leggings. You can also look very chic in a pair of high heels with your leggings as long as the rest of your clothing ensembles are up to the same sophisticated look.The key to always looking great  in leggings is to choose everything to go with the look from head to toe, if its not properly worn you can look tacky very fast. Leggings are worn for fun and drama, to add flair to your casual outfit. You can have a fun, daring and sophisticated experience with leggings if you pair them wisely and wear them with confidence.


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      In my humble opinion, every one who wishes to wear a legging must first read this =)

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